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[The Walkers, of 'Ulster-Scotch-Irish' of Dane, Gaelic, Saxon descent: Followed John Knox's Presbyterian teachings based on John Calvin's Institutes of Christian Religion, pub. 1536; that it was not good to be rich nor beg, that life's satisfaction was derived from hard work. They renounced Catholicism, became outcasts; during the Reformation, Cromwell beheaded the King, exiled many of them to N. Ireland.  They were leery of government, avoided the census, recorded few deeds, moved frequently yet in groups.]

5 g gr_ _George Walker m. - Brinton

Robert Walker

Michael Walker

[early 18C, 3 sailed from port of Dublin, Ireland, settling at Newton Creek, NJ]

4g gr_ _George Brinton WALKER m.(ca. 1760) Mary Hall
d. Ind.

for History of Vanderburg Co., Indiana contact me; cannot connect to WRW's parents, can you help

3g gr_ _William Robert WALKER, Capt. m.(pre 1807) Catharine Tyler
b. Sept. 1782, Pennsneck, NJ - killed 23 Feb. 1847 at Buena Vista; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

2g gr_ _James Tyler WALKER, Esq. m(1) Henrietta McCalliser; m(2) Ann(e) Charlotte Burtis
15 April 1806, Salem, NJ - 1 May 1877, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

George Brinton Walker, Sr., MD m. (23 June 1835) Elizabeth Clark
b. 6 Dec. 1807, Salem, NJ - d. 5 Sept. 1846; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville

William Hall Walker, Hon., Lt.Col m(1)(23 May 1836) Frances M. Spenning; m(2)(15 Sept. 1852) Elizabeth Ellison
b. 18 Sept. 1812, Salem, Salem Co. NJ - d. 9 Sept. 1870; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co. Ind.

Mary Walker m. Richard Barter

John T. Walker, MD m. Mary A.
b. 25 Sept. 1817 - d. 8 Feb. 1865; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

Hannah A. Walker m. William W. Welborn
15 June 1819 - 9 May 1897

Oscar Walker, MD
d. Mo.


g gr_ _James Tyler WALKER, Jr.*** m.(28 Feb. 1882) Lucy Alice Babcock
22 Oct. 1850, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - 22 Nov. 1937, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

Edwin Walker, MD,PhD m.(1880) Capitola Graham Hudspeth
b. 6 May 1853, Evansville, Ind. - d. 1922; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

Kate Walker

James Tyler Walker, III
bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville

gr_ _Henry Babcock WALKER, Sr. m.(17 June 1909) Dorothy Rach(a)el Griffith
10 Mar. 1885, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co.,Ind. - 6 June 1968, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind.; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

Mary Houser Walker m.(14 Oct. 1913) William Anderson Keys, Jr.
b. 24 Sept. 1891, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - 1963, NY

Ann Griffith m. John Ehret Early
b. April 1910 - December 2000

Henry Babcock Walker, Jr. m. Sally Willard
b. 1912 - d. 1966; bur. Oak Hills Cemetery, Evansville, Ind.

_ _Lucy Babcock Walker m. Richard Robinson McGinnis
4 Sept. 1914, Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Ind. - 27 Dec. 1996, Laurel, Jones Co., Miss.

Dorothy Rachel Griffith m. Lowry Johnston Bateman
b. Jan. 1919 - Sept. 1999

* Bishop George Walker, Rector of Donoughmore etc; Governor of Londonderry, Northern Ireland; fought at the Seige of Londonderry for King William in 1619 - his side, the Protestants, won [because of his continuing fame among N. Irish Protestants, to this day they carry a banner in his name at their Marching Season]; had 8 children, 4 sons were Robert, G, John, and another; his sister, Anne, married a Maxwell; his brother Gervase [b.1646] had descendants who went to America; another brother Godfrey [1654-1703] was Sheriff of Armagh, had five children including two sons, George and GervaseII

** Reconstructed 1790 Census of Delaware; Sussex County: Lewes and Rehoboth Hundred, page 76 : Walker, George

** references in International Genealogical Index : George Brinton Walker's brother, John [1697-1742], son of John [b.1670], migrated to the US in 1720 and has many descendants there; John jr's brother Robert apparently migrated too; another brother George [b.1695] stayed in Ireland.

*** wrote family history of parents, siblings, children

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John Walker Baylor's connections.

DNA #24041 Floyd David Walker Contact: Mary Ann Bacon BACONOPAL AT oeccwildblue DOT com
DNA # 49397 Contact: Sharon Walker sha_di_wa AT sbcglobal DOT net
DNA participant descended from: John Walker b. 1697, Co. Derry, Ireland; d. 1742, Appaguiinimey, DE
Col. John Walker, Sr. b. 1728, New Castle Co. DE; d. 1796 Rutherford Co, NC
    m. Elizabeth Watson, b. 1731; d. 1808, Rutherford Co, NC
  -   Lt. William Walker, b. 1758, Tyron Co, NC
  -   Jacob Walker, b. 1771, Rutherford Co, NC; m. Lelia/Lilea Miller (1776, NC - 1840, NC); d. 1842
  - -   George W. Walker, Sr, b. 1798, TN; d. pre 1860, Marshall Co, AL
  - -   Andrew M. Walker, b. ca 1814, NC; m. Jane Elizabeth Prince (b. ca 1827, SC)
  - - -   William Harrison H. Walker, b. 1844, DeKalb Co, AL; d. 1897, Dallas Co, AR
  - - -   George Thomas Walker, b. 3 Oct. 1845, SC; m. Mary Susan Petty (Oct. 1844, NC - aft. 1920, Montague Co, TX); d. 5 Dec. 1911, Fannin Co, TX
  - - - -   George David Walker, b. 1882, Dallas Co, AR; d. 1964, Dallas Co, AR - DNA Participant
  - - - -   Henry Oscar Walker, b. 28 Dec. 1874, NC; m. Elizabeth Faye Hale (1 Sep. 1899, Montague Co, TX - 26 Jul. 1984, Gray Co, TX); d. ca 1930, McCurtain Co, OK - DNA Participant

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