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This is a photo of my mother and Dad, and two brothers, 

Ronald and Franklin. I was about 6 years old and started 

life in Sioux City, Iowa


My name is Doris Campbell Guarino . I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in a community called Tara Hills. The main purpose of this website is for genealogy, sharing my family tree and my husband's. We hope along the way, we may make connections with others. I have named this site, "Annie's Watch" for my great grandmother. She was from Scotland and lived the last four years of her life with us. When I first started on the net about four years ago, I took the name, Annie, as my email name. So as I continually search for ancestors, I claim this as Annie's Watch for my great grandmother and grandmother on my Dad's side of the family.

I also wish to create a poetry section where we can share our poetry. In 1974, I wrote a book that is very popular among those who have read it and I will be putting it on the site also...probably a chapter at a time. No charge. So with this information, let's get started...