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Hello, Welcome to my web page. I started working on my family tree just over a year now and I am hooked. I have recieved alot of help from other people. So now I would like to return the favors.

I have just started collecting birth announcements and death announcemmetns. Anyone who would like to help out by sending me announcements to add can do so by emailing me at s.mcfarland@symaptico.ca or snail mail: Sarah Mcfarland RR#2 7185 Airport Rd Mount Hope, Ont. L0R 1WO

My family tree names are Field, Pegg, Adams, Fox, Sebestyen, Covill, Tyson and Johnson.

I currently get the Spectator and the Toronto Sun so any other newspapers would be a great help.I have only from July of this year to present. Please feel free to send me any info. This is my first Web page so please bare with me I will update this page as much as I can.

Any requests for Announcements please email me with your information.

Here are some of my favorite websites:

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