Cantwell, Fannin, Bonney, Lewis...




     I got started on this obsession with ancestry when I was trying to trace my Native American roots.  After several years, and some luck-of-the-draws, I was able to trace a portion of my ancestry back to the Choctaw Trail of Tears.  I found this whole process so completely fascinating, that I started in on another line and reaped some satisfying rewards.  There really is no stopping place.  Once you open a door, it leads to another, and another, and another.  Then it becomes so mind boggling that  all you can do is shut the computer down, put away all the scraps of paper, and just let all that information settle for a while.   

     Every so often I'll get an email from someone that has seen a name on one of the databases.  It's either a match and we find out we're 12th cousins twice removed on Great-Great-Aunt-Sister's son's side (grin) or we find out that the line really isn't the same.  The list of surnames on the left will grow as things are found out and tracked.  And then of course, it won't be on the left anymore because it will have gotten too large!  Anyway, hope you enjoy as much as I do.


If you are someone searching and stumble across this site and these names, please email me to verify any line matches!  





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