Anthony Colby's House


This sign is in front of the house to help you identify it as you drive along Main St.

This is the house as it looks today (8/2000).

This is the side door of the house

Leading into the common room (as it is today)

The fireplace in the common room provided all cooking facilities, as well as most of the warmth in the house.
The dry sink in the corner was added by later Colby-occupants.

The Front Parlor was reserved for guests. She is obviously NOT a Colby!
The story is that the corner cupboard in the Front Parlor was brought over from England by Anthony for Susannnah.

According to the little plaque inside (and another attached to the bottom) the cradle was given to the Colbys by their good friend, Susannah North Martin, the famous witch of Salem. See

Some family pictures that were on display in the house.
This is the door to the back stairway. There is lots of 'great stuff' (junk) on the landing, so it is blocked off. To prevent NOT a Colby from falling down, I'm sure!

This is a bed that has been slept in by Colbys (but not by Anthony!)
This is the fireplace in the upstairs bedroom

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