The PowWow River

The PowWow was the source of power that made Amesbury a desirable spot of a town. Anthony and his friends decided to settle there because of it. Here are pictures of what it is like, today.

A modern building has been built hanging right over the river! This building had been a factory, but it is now a group of shops and restaurants.

This is a pedestrian bridge spanning the mighty PowWow as it curves it's way toward flowing under Main St.

Here you can see the oldest bricks at the bottom of the builing. This building has been built on top of an older structure.

This is the PowWow as it comes down from it's confining bed and through what had been the millrace. (I think)

Here is a 'modern' addition built right out over the mighty PowWow. It almost spans it! From the front, or street side, you can't even tell the river is there.

I think there were, at one time, several of these signs explaining the area, part of a 'do-it-yourself-tour'.