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Antworth Family History
The Descendants of John Antworth and Jane Ritchie
Willam Antworth

William Antworth

b. 04 January 1845
Greenfield Carleton Co NB
d. 12 June 1909 (record)
Greenfield Carleton Co NB

m 10 Sept 1874
Carleton Co NB

Margaret Elizabeth Ritchie

b. 30 May 1853 Greenfield, Carleton Co NB
d. 01 June 1948 Greenfield, Carleton Co, NB

Listed with dau Olive Antworth Larsen in 1930 Easton Maine Census. Moved to Easton Maine after the death of son in 1922.(view record)


Mary Edith Antworth

b. 01 October 1876
Greenfield Car Co NB
d. aft 1930 but before 1953
lived with sister Olive and Charles Larsen in Easton Maine in 1930 census

Anne Olive Antworth

03 February 1879
Greenfield Car Co NB
d. 25 September 1953
Presque Isle, Maine
buried in Easton, Maine

m. 21 October 1908 Greenfield Car Co NB

Charles Larson/Larsen (spelling varied in census records)

b. May 1876 Wicklow, Carleton Co. NB
d. aft 1930 in Easton, Aroostook, ME?
Son: Harold Larsen

John Medley Antworth

b. 16 September 1882
Greenfield Car Co NB
d. 19 February 1922 record
Greenfield, Car Co NB


Nettie Alberta Antworth

b. 27 April 1890
Greenfield, Car. Co, NB
d. 5 October 1907record
Greenfield Car Co NB


William Antworth and family: 1891 Wakefield Census; 1901 Wicklow.

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict: Wicklow, CARLETON, NEW BRUNSWICK
District Number: 14
Subdistrict Number: i-1
Archives Microfilm: T-6439
Birthyear varies but William Antworth was listed as age 6 in the 1851 Wicklow Census of Carleton Co.

Source : 1910, 1920, 1930 Easton Aroostook Co Maine Census

Source: Government records and Cemetery records at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick

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