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Happy New Development.

We have a new member of the family. I and the rest of my family would like to welcome my sister's newborn baby Kaden, to the family. Welcome to the world beautiful boy!

Beloved Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Niece and Friend

Most of you don't know who I am, though you have seen my picture on this web site. I am Melissa, Sherry's eldest daughter.

As many of you know, my mom was diagnosed with Lung Cancer last year. She asked me that if anything ever happened to her, I tell all of you. I have come here to fulfill that wish, even though it's something I desperately hoped I would never have to do.

My mom died, after a long hard fight, May 5th, 2003 at 7:30 am.

My family and I would like to thank you for all your years of patronage and the joy you and this hobby gave her.

We love you mom and always will. My best friend always.


Update: I will update the site a bit as per my stepdad's request. But it will be very occasional and only when he asks. I am not very good with html and it takes me a long time to do even the minor changes to the page that I made today. Melissa

D: May 5, 2003

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Within these pages there lies the lines of family ties, written each day with grace and thought, in hopes of finding within the lines the family ties that will bind, their pages of past families and times.

The Book everyone has been waiting for, is on sale now! Don't delay, the price for this book will go up. Please click the link below for the complete "Table of Contents". Be sure to click on the link for the printable "Order Form" found inside.
On Sale Now!

Everyone has been so wonderful about the book, but we are unable and unwilling to offer or take any more orders for the book for the time being. I apologize to anyone who wishes to receive it and didn't get it in time. In the future, the book may be offered again if I or my stepdad decides to take up the responsibility. For this reason, I have removed the link. Melissa

"Wannamaker & Allied Families"

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting,
The soul that rises with us - our life's star
Has had elsewhere its setting
And cometh from afar.
Not in entire forgetfulness
And not in utter nakedness
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God who is our home.

HI! My name is Sherry Koshney Downard U.E. 'Welcome!'
I have been researching my family tree for nearly 40 years.

To see Valuable Genealogy Websites, Scroll Below Where There Are Important Highlighted Links Throughout This Front Page. Warning! This Website Is Very Large.

Family Connections (Closed to be updated soon)

United Empire Loyalists

Canadian Ancestral Wannamaker Photo Album

Loney Photos In Canada ~ Family Wedding Album

Wannemacher Coat Of Arms
The meaning of the surname Wannemacher in the Coat of Arms link.

"The Old United Empire Loyalists List Appendix B" & The UEL Registry... Now Open! See the link above United Empire Loyalists.

Gedcom and Surnames Entrance

Updated March, 2002. About 17,000 people and about 6,000 surnames in the Maternal Wannamaker Gedcom. With still more surnames in links to my Pateral branches. Collateral lines may not be researched by me at this time. There may be errors in some files, because no Genealogy Research is fool proof. But I have done my best to be as accurate as possible. I gladly take corrections from family members if anyone has more information to submit to this very large family. *Notice: I am in the process of removing several distant collateral lines from my Gedcom over this year. The Gedcom will later reflect only "Direct Decendant Branches" of Hengin Wanmecher b. 1450. Other "Very Important" webpages at this website will have thousands of surnames related to this family throughout.

Cemetery Inscriptions
There are thousands of names in the Index of full transcriptions. Ramapo Lutheran Church Cemetery, Mahwah, Bergen County, NJ ~~ Long Lake Cemetery, North Hastings County, Ontario ~~ Albury Cemetery, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario ~~ Child's and Herman United Cemeteries, North Hastings county, Ontario. (There will be 6 more to open hopefully before Christmas. 3 Carlow Twp. N. Hastings co. Ontario Cemeteries and 3 Renfrew county Ontario Cemeteries.) Because of the sheer volume of names in these Cemeteries, they have a "Great Importance" to those researching these areas. Good Luck!

John Wanamaker Merchant Prince - Postmaster General

So many people have asked me over and over.....
What do you know about John Wanamaker?. The best way to explain it is in a Webpage. Now you will have the chance to know this Very Famous Man!. This page is Very Important to All Wanamaker/Wannamaker Researchers. The information has been in my files for about 20 years, realizing many years ago I wasn't closely related, so I haven't done any research other than what you will find here.
This Is My Gift To You! Enjoy!

"Rich Harvest"
Across the vast horizon
A field of yellow wheat
That beckons enticingly
For the tread of your eager feet.
You cross the thistled hollow
Where the yellow daisies bloom
You reach the wheat's rich acreage
And your heart swells in a tune.
You pluck a large, round juicy head
And shell it in your hand
A priceless bunch of yellow gems
Our reward for tilling the land.

written by Lillian May Wannamaker age 18, 1944
*My Mother*

To see more Poems written by my family members.
Pioneer Book Of Poems

I have always thought of my life as chapters in a book and as each chapter closes, I have seen many changes in my personal life. Now that I have reached a half century, I think about my life and I am so Greatful and Thankful for all the things for which I have been Blessed. This Wonderful World of ours, that we must Treasure each day, can be cruel. But at the same time it is teaching us lessons that we all must learn through happiness and sorrow. We can make a difference in this life, the very best it can be to help make this truely A Wonderful World! There will again be many changes in the future both in my personal life and within these Webpages. Stay tuned as I strive to make this a bigger and better Genealogical tool to better help the fasinating world of Family Research.

Unfortunately I can Not Help Anyone Research Their Family because of time limitations. Please refer to the many links available for help. If you have a surname that I have and would like to enquire about it. Please be sure to include important dates such as birth, death and marriage and the locations of the people that you are reseaching. If there is a connection I will reply to your mail with what information that I have. If I do not, Good Luck with your research!


ROBIN DAWN HARRINGTON age 17 - SHANE RANDALL KOSHNEY age 16 - RANDALL JAMES KOSHNEY - who all died in senseless car crashs. I encourage everyone to read it and remember all the wonderful people who have died needlessly. All further updates of my daughter's recovery will now be in the link above as well as any updates concerning these car crashes. Reckless driving is a very real problem in North America as well as all over the world and needs to be addressed to help avoid others being killed and survivers lives ruined because of mistakes in driving.

Happy 6th Year Anniversary Family Genealogy-A Passage In Time
April 2002!
Thank you to all of those who have made these pages so successful.
I Wish Everyone The Very Best Of Luck In Your Research! This Website is still holding strong thanx to all of you!

All Of My Page Links

Two Excellent Canadian History Channel Television Series Are Recommended To Watch, For Everyone Researching Canada! You can also buy the complete sets for your own home.

Canada - A People's History
A Scattering Of Seeds, The Creation of Canada

We have finally reached the New Millenium. It is time to look on to the future with Greater Hope in achieving Peace throughout the World. Looking ahead in our Own Futures with Happiness and Good Health. The varigated yellow/orange rose at this website represent the "Peace Rose"

Light a Candle for Peace Around the World
In Dearest Memory of My Dad Al Koshney who passed away November 9, 1965. And My Brother Randy Koshney who passed away March 27, 1999. Randy's most important thing in his life was those he loved, his family and his heritage.
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My mom's old e-mail is no longer valid. But because of the number of very annoying and highly illegal ad-mail and spam we were getting, I will not include a new e-mail for anyone to contact. Apparently some people don't understand that they shouldn't be sending that kind of thing to people's inboxes.

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