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The Old United Empire Loyalist List

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+ Gabagan, Edward.... Marine Department
Gahagan, Oliver.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Galbraith, John.... East District, Soldier in Jessup's Corps, Petition
Gale, James.... Kingston,Loyalist from New York, stamped book
Gallagher, Hugh.... Marysburgh, discharged British Soldier, drew 100 acres L.B.A., 1794, 200 acres P.L. 1786, wife, P.L.N, 1786, stamped book
+ Gallermoult, Baptiste Soldier Loyal Rangers
Gallinger, Michael Sr..... East District, R.R.N.Y. Sons: Christian, Christopher, George, Henry & Michael Jr. P.L.2d, 1786, All Soldiers R.R.N.Y. & P.L.2d, 1786, Muster Roll
Galloway, George.... Kingston, Lieut. Associated Loyalists, L.B.M. 1791, stamped book, P.L. 1786
Gamble, William.... & + John a Hospital mate
+ Gamlin & Gowin, Widow's.... their husbands both served his Majesty, Gowin's son was an Officer & was killed
Gants, Christian.... Marysburgh, German soldier, C Book & Provision List 1786.... not U.E.
Gardiner, John.... East District, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.2d, 1786, page 181
Gardiner, George.... East District, Yonge, served with General Burgoyne
Gardner, John.... Home District, Crowland, Soldier Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
+ Garhard, Mathew Soldier Loyal Rangers. [p.300
+ Garner, Matthew.... Soldier American War, he is Dead
Garlock, Henry.... East District, R.R.N.Y., wife 1 child, P.L.2d 1786
Garlock, John.... Ernesttown, Corporal Loyal Rangers, L.B.M. 1790, 400 acres, P.L. 1786
Garlough, Jacob.... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, wife 1 child, P.L.2d 1786
Garlough, Peter Sr..... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, wife, P.L.2d 1786, son Peter Jr., single man, P.L.2d, 1786
Garner, William.... Home District, Niagara stamped book, wife, P.L.N. 1786
+ Garrett, Daniel.... Expresses Loyalty in the War
+ Gaskin, Charles....
+ Gathaway, John.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston)
+ Gaven, Thomas.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Gay, Edward.... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Gay, Jane.... widow of Peter Foster, Soldier who drowned 1780
Geoberg, William Gibbons.... Marysburgh, Soldier German troops.... not U.E.
George, John.... Ernesttown, stamped book, Butler's Rangers, 84th Regiment, P.L.N. 1786, (same name a British Soldier, P.L.N. 1786, wife)
Georgen, Christoph.... Kingston, stamped book, Petition, Sergeant 84th Regiment, L.B.M. 1790, 400 acres, P.L. 1786
+ Gerhart, Ernette.... German Soldier.... not U.E.
German, Christian.... Adolphustown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, Jr. 100 acres, son of John, no bounty 1790, Ld.Bd. Certificate, P.L. 1786, Govenor Hamilton, 150 acres, Sr. brother of John
German, John.... Adolphustown, Corporal in Jessup's Corps, L.B.M. 1790, 350 acres; & (same name Jr. + Soldier Loyal Rangers)
German, Jacob.... Adolphustown, Drummer Loyal Rangers, 100 acres 1790, no bounty
Gerolomey, James.... Ernesttown, Soldier Jessup's Corps. P.L. 1786
+ Gervey, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Gibson, Andrew.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Gibson, George.... Ship Carpenter & Ordnance Service Gibraltar
Gibson, John.... East District, Soldier King's Rangers, L.Bd.L. P.L. 1789
Gibson, Mathew.... W. District, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, single man, P.L.2d 1786
+ Gibson, Widow.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston), 1 daughter
Gichland, Henry.... Ernesttown
Gilbert, Josiah.... Home District, Corporal King's American Regiment in Fanning's (same name + Non Commissioned Officer King's A. Regiment)
+ Giles, Thomas.... Treasury Loyalist 1792, Soldier in Navy? in America
Gilchrist, Archibald.... East District, L.B.L. 1790, Emigrant settler.... not U.E.
+ Gilchrist, John.... Sgt. Loyal Rangers, of Elizabethtown
Gilchrist, Peter.... Ernesttown, 300 acres, Soldier Jessup's Corps, L.B.L., in all 500 acres, L.B.M. 1790, O.I.C. August 21, 1797, P. L. 1786, sons Neal & William
Gilmore, Benjamin.... Home District, New Jersey Volunteers
+ Gill, John.... Hospital mate
+ Gill, Robert.... Soldier 103rd Regiment
+ Gilles, John....Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Gillet, Adonijah....Soldier Loyal Rangers
Gipson.... page 182
+ Girbig, Carl Wilhelm....
Girty, James.... of Malden, Partisan all the war, U. list 1789, Simon Girty & + George Partisan in the War, U.E.
Glassford, John.... East District, Augusta, joined at Niagara in 1779, died 1792, son's affidavit 1805, wife 4 children. P.L.2d 1786, William Petition, Sherwood's certificate, 1807 & Paul, U.E.
Glassford, John.... Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A, son
Glassford, Lyttle.... East District, served under Captain Brant in 1778, went to Quebec in 1780, lived in Lower & Upper Canada since 1798
Glassford, Robert.... East District, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A, single man, P.L.2d 1786
+ Gleeson, Daniel.... Soldier 84th Regiment
+ Gleeson, Thomas.... Soldier King's Rangers, Deserted
+ Glenn, Jacob.... Soldier Lieut. R.R.N.Y.
+ Glinger, George.... Soldier 8th Regiment, page 299
Glover, Jacob.... Home District, Sergeant under Lord Rawdon
+ Godfrey, G..... Governor Hamilton Certificate
Goes, Lawrence.... By O.I.C. January 19, 1802, page 183
+ Goff, Joseph....
Goffield, Nat.... Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Goheen, Thomas.... Newcastle, within British lines before 1783, by O.I.C. November 24, 1807
+ Going, Francis.... Provisioned at Niagara, wife 3 children
+ Golden, John....
Goldsmith, Thomas.... Marys & Sophiasburgh, Loyalist from New York. A.M.L. P.L. 1786.
+ Goode, William.... Treasury Loyalist 1792, Emigrant from England
+ Goodnight, John.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
+ Goodwilly, Joseph.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Goon, John.... Soldier 84th Regiment
Goose, Frederick.... Cornwall, Supposed R.R.N.Y. P.L.2d, 1786; & + John Soldier
Gooseberry, Thomas.... East District, Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.L. 1793
+ Goned, John....
+ Gordineer, Robert.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Gordon, George.... Soldier McAlpine's Corps., L.B.L. 1791
Gordon, John.... W. District, Loyalists List, Loyalists 1789
Gordon, Robert.... Charlottenburgh, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786, (same name Ensign in Militia before the war, L.B.L., 200 acres)
Gordonier, Henry.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, A.M.L., P.L. 1786 & Jacob Soldier Loyal Rangers, A.M.L. P.L. 1786
+ Gorin, Francis.... Quartermaster General's Department at Quebec 1776
Gorman, Rebecca.... East District, Elizabethtown
+ Gorman, Sigmond.... German Soldier; & + John
+ Goshee Peter.... Soldier 84th Regiment, Daniel Gleeson Petition, He is Dead
Gosley, Mathew.... Yonge, Sergeant Prince of Wales Regiment
Gould, John.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, S.P.L.N. 1786
+ Goulden, Thomas.... Soldier Butler's Rangers, L.B.L.
Graham, William.... Home District, Captain Lieut. Lord Charles Montague's Regiment, O.I.C. June 30, 1807.
Graham, John.... East District, son of a soldier, 200 acres, Ld.Bd.L., wife 2 children, P.L. 1786
Graham, (McDonell) Isabella.... East District, Lancaster
Graham, Oliver.... East District, Soldier King's Rangers, Petition
Graham, Robert.... Kingston, S.G. Sergeant, Loyalist from New York, A.M.L., stamped book
Graham, Thomas.... East District, R.R.N.Y., wife 4 children, P.L.2d 1786, son Murdoch Graham U.E., L.B.L. 1790, P.L.N.J. 1786
Graham, William.... East District, Sergeant 84th Regiment
+ Granger, Zacharias.... Soldier King's Rangers
+ Grant, Alexander.... Soldier Sgt. of Charlottenburgh (same name + Commodore Naval Department, Lake Erie)
Grant, Alexander.... East District, of Edwardsburgh, gone to Scotland, Soldier 84th Regiment, Petition, L.B.L. 1786
Grant, Alexander.... East District, Charlottenburgh, son of a soldier. Ld.Bd.L., a young man, P.L.2d 1786, he died in 1777, daughter Isabell Martin
Grant, Alexander.... East District, Charlottenburgh, wife 2 children, P.L.2d 1786, page 184
Grant, Alexander.... East District, Charlottenburgh, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Grant, Allan.... East District, Elizabethtown, Sgt. 84th Regiment, U.E., P.L.N.J. 1786 (same name
Grant, Angus.... East District, R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786
Grant, Archibald.... East District, R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, (same name British soldier P.L. 1786 Kingston) (same name + Lieut. 84th Regiment)
Grant, Donald.... Marysburgh, British soldier. A.M.L., stamped book, P.L.N.J. 1786
Grant (Croskey?), Donald Sr..... East District, Charlottenburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786 son Donald Jr., Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Grant, Duncan.... East District, Soldier R.R.N.Y., Petition, P.L.N.J. 1786
Grant, Duncan.... East District, of New Johnston, at St. John's, Lower Canada in 1782, P.L.N.J. 1786, Reuben Sherwood's certificate
Grant, Duncan.... East District, (same name 76th Regiment, joined 1778)
Grant, Finlay.... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786, son Lewis 200 acres, Ld.Bd.L.
+ Grant, George.... Osnabruck, a common Settler
+ Grant, Hugh.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Grant, John.... Kingston, Pittsburgh, Loyalist, Volunteer King's Rangers, Petition 1808
Grant, John.... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786, son John (same name drew land 1789)
Grant, James.... Marysburgh, Sgt. 84th Regiment, L.B.M. 1790, 400 acres, P.L. 1786, stamped book, page 185, son John
Grant, James.... East District, P.L.N.J. 1786, Recruited men, suffered loss of property & imprisonment, Ensign for 2 years Major McAlpin's Muster Roll, 2000 acres
Grant, Lewis Sr..... East District
Grant, Peter.... East District, Soldier 84th Regiment, L.B.L. (same name a subject and settler), son Duncan R.R.N.Y., Ld.B.L.
Grant, Peter.... East District, son of a soldier, 200 acres, Ld.Bd.L. 1786; (same name of Charlottenburgh, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, Petition, L.N.J. 1786)
+ Grant, Thomas....
+ Grant, Widow.... Provisioned at Johnstown, 3 children
Grant, William.... East District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, single man, P.L.2d, 1786, (same name Loyal Rangers) (same name of Lancaster, Soldier 84th Regiment)
Grass, Michael.... Kingston, Captain New York Militia, stamped book, P.L. 1786, daughters Eve & Mary, sons Daniel, John & Peter & Lewis & + Charles
+ Graves, Adam.... Captain Naval Department, Lake Erie
+ Graves, George Lt..... Soldier from the South
+ Graves, John.... wife 1 child, not in Canada
Gray, Alexander.... Yonge, Soldier New Jersey Volunteers, by O.I.C. October 13, 1807
Gray, James.... Yonge, Loyal Rangers, by O.I.C. December 2, 1806
Gray, James Col..... Yonge, Major R.R.N.Y.; & + Philip Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Gray, John.... East District, Sgt. 84th Regiment, from South Carolina, wife 2 children, 1787, 200 acres, P.L. 1786
+ Grendel, Francis....
Green, Benjamin.... Home District Soldier King's Rangers, Petition Regimental Roll
+ Green, Caleb.... Ensign & + RogerSoldiers King's Rangers & + Charles
Green, John.... Flamborough, O.I.C. March 29, 1808, joined Royal Standard New Jersey 1776, page 186
Green, John.... Marysburgh, Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.M. P.L. 1786
+ Green, Peter.... Soldier of Delaney's Corps.
Green, William.... Marysburgh, stamped book, Soldier Queen's Rangers, L.B.M. P.L. 1786, wounded battle of Brandywine, invalided & discharged at his own request, later Secret Service
Greenop (Gulep?), Britain.... Kingston, 84th Regiment, U. E., stamped book, P.L. 1786
+ Grevase, Asa.... Soldier Jessup's Corps
Grey, John.... Kingston, Soldier 42d Regiment, Ld.Bd. Certicate, Artificer, O.I.C. July 25, 1797.
+ Grichel, John.... German Soldier.... Not U.E.
+ Griffin, Charles.... Soldier Jessup's Corps., L.B.L. 1791
Griffin, Joseph.... East District, Soldier Jessup's Corps, went to Montreal, son Isaac
+ Griffin, Samuel.... a Settler 1785, Captain John Jones' list
Griffiths, John.... Midland District, New Jersey Loyalist
Griffiths, William.... Adolphustown, joined at New York 1782
Grigg, John.... Home District, Loyalist express
+ Grindstone, Jacob.... Seaman on Lake Ontario
+ Gronber, Paul.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston)
+ Gront (Grant or Grout?), Theodore.... Issuing Commissary Loyalist
Grooms, Elijah.... Kingston, Soldier New Jersey Volunteers, L.B.M. 1791, P.L. 1786
Grooms, Joseph.... Kingston, Sgt. Incorporated Loyalist N.Y., stamped book
+ Grosse, Edward.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston)
+ Grout, Henry.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston) & + John R.R.N.Y.
Grout, Ferdinand.... Marysburgh & Sophiasburgh
+ Grubb, Thomas.... Loyalist
+ Grum, Elijah....
+ Guin, Nicholas.... Soldier Lieut. Minutemen
+ Gummersall, Thomas.... Captain R.R.N.Y.
Gunn, David.... Lancaster, in Upper Canada early, was at the conquest of Canada in 78th Regiment, wife 2 children, P.L.2d 1786, joined Royal Standard 1776, served in Captain Herchmer's Company until 1778, Affidavit
+ Guthrie, Robert.... Surgeon Butler's Rangers

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