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The Old United Empire Loyalist List
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Quant, Frederick.... Home District
Quant, Jacob.... W District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, W List 1789
Quarry Joseph.... Home District, a Negro
Quick, Benjamin.... Home District
Quick, Solomon.... Home District, Soldier, Niagara stamped bBook, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786
+ Quig, Patrick.... Provisioned at Johnstown, Soldier 84th Regiment
Quin, Michael.... Home District, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Quin, John.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y., Muster Roll, P.L.2d, 1786
Quin, Michael.... East District, Cornwall, R.R.N.Y., P.L. 2d, 1786
Quinn, Christopher.... East District, Augusta, General Haldimand's Certificate of 100 acres

+ Radiker, Henry.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Rambouch, William.... Fredericksburgh, Private R.R.N.Y. 100 acres & 200 acres, P.L. 1786
Rambough, Amos.... East District, Soldier R.R.N.Y., P.L. 1786
Rambough, David.... East District, Osnabruck, Son of a soldier, 200 acres, Ld.Bd.L.
Rambough, John.... East District, Osnabruck, Soldier R.R.N.Y., Ld.Bd.L., P.L.2d, 1786
Rambough, Jacob.... East District, Osnabruck, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Petition 1796
+ Rampler, Henry.... Treasury Loyalist
Ramsay, David.... Home District
Ramsay, Henry.... Willoughby, Soldier Butler's Rangers, discharged 1779, O.I.C. March 13, 1807
+ Ramsay, James.... 2 women, page 320
+ Ramser, Adam....
+ Rancier, Joseph.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
+ Randall, David.... Settler 1790
Randolph, Benjamin.... Yonge, Settler 1795
Rankin, James.... M. District, son of Colonel Rankin
Ranolds ?.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Ransier, Ann.... Provisioned at Fort Erie, 1 Man
Ransier, George.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Ransier (Ransler?), William.... Kingston, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, O.I.C. November 16, 1797, Stamped Book
+ Rassley, Frederick & Julian....
Rattan, Peter Sr..... Adolphustown, Captain 4th Batt. New Jersey Volunteers, P.L. 1786, son Peter Jr. L.B.M. 1793, 100 & 200 Bounty, P.L. 1786 (*several Wanamaker's fought under this man in the 4th, seen in many Muster Rolls)
Rattan, William.... Adolphustown, Lieutenant Associated Loyalists & L.B.M., P.L. 1786
+ Raymond, Widow.... Provisioned at Cataraqui (Kingston), 1 child
+ Raw (Row?), John....
+ Rawlins, Grant.... Sergeant R.R.N,Y. Muster Roll
+ Rawson, Christopher....
+ Read, Duncan....
+ Redford, Thomas....
+ Redin(s), Edward.... Soldier 8th Regiment
Redins, Francis.... Ernesttown, discharged soldier R.R.N.Y. Ld.Bd. Certificate, P.L. 1786
Redick, John.... East District, Osnabruck, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A, wife. P.L.2d 1786
Reddick, Christopher.... East District, Williamsburg, Loyalist, L.Bd.L., Soldier R.R.N.Y., wife 3 children, P.L. 2d, 1786; son Adam L.B.M. 1793, page 241
Reddick, George.... East District, Williamsburg, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Reddie, Philip.... M. District, emigrant settler from U.S. 1792, L.B.M. 200 acres
+ Refenburg, Abraham.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Reid, Alexander.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.MusterRoll
+ Reid, Michael.... of Niagara
Reide, George.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Reide, William.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, was taken prisoner
Reide, William.... Yonge, Captain of Militia South Carolina, from Nova Scotia, Petition
Reede, Moses.... Elizabethtown 1789, Petition lived here since 1788, no service, a Settler
Reely, John Sgt..... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, O.I.C. March 17, 1797, wife 5 children, P.L.N. 1786
+ Ren, Anthony.... German soldier.... not U.E.
+ Resh, Philip.... Soldier German Troops.... not U.E.
+ Renna, John.... Soldier Col. Bernard's Hessian's.... not U.E.
Reynolds, Benjamin.... Home District, By O.I.C. October 13, 1807, Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Reynolds, Caleb Lt..... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
+ Reynolds, Daniel, George, Reuben & Solomon....
+ Reynolds, Ephraim.... Settler, L.B.L. 1790
+ Reynolds, John.... Soldier King's Rangers, L.B.L. 1791 (same name + Major Close's List, 1788, Loyalists)
+ Reynolds, Samuel.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.; (same name + Volunteer Butler's Rangers, page 321)
+ Reynolds, Thomas.... Commissary of Provisions
+ Reynoll, William.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Rhuart (probably Stuart?), Jacob....
+ Rice, Frederick.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Riceley, Christopher Corporal.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786; & + Christian Soldier Butler's Rangers
Richards, Christopher.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
Richards, John.... Marysburg & Sophiasburg, Lieutenant Indian Department, Interpreter, L.B.M. 1791, 2000 acres, stamped book, P.L. 1786, sons Daniel; John Jr, Petition 1794, a boy, discharged, Sergeant, never did duty, page 242 & Owen, a boy, discharged a Sergeant, 2nd Batt. R.R.N.Y., never did duty & last son John Ritchie? of Ernesttown
Richardson, Asa.... Fredericksburgh, to Quebec?, Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, sons Henry; Thomas L.B.M. 1790, 200 acres only; William Provisional list, King's Rangers, 1786
+ Richardson, Edward.... Provisioned at Niagara, wife; & George
+ Richardson, Timothy.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Richardson, Thomas.... Treasury Loyalist
+ Richardson, William.... Secret Service, son of Asa, he is Dead
Rickerman, Edward Rykman.... Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh, Loyalist, L.B. M. 1793, 300 acres
Rickley, Andrew.... Fredericksburgh, Sgt. Soldier King's Rangers, Petition Regiment Roll, P.L. 1786, L.B.M. 1790, 500 acres
+ Ridley, William....
Ridman, Nicholas.... of Matilda
Ridner, Henry.... Adolphustown & Ameliasburgh, L.B.M. 1791, Loyalist, 200 acres, Soldier 4th Batt. New Jersey Volunteers, Ordered to be reinstated on U.E. List February 23, 1805, son Henry *(I was very surprised to see he was reinstated, because he is well represented in all NJV Muster Rolls. He should not have been removed in the first place. He brought several children with him who all recieved the O.I.C, yet only 1 son is mentioned.... SKD)
+ Riley, David.... Sergeant R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Rily, Thomas.... Soldier 24th Regiment
Rimmerman (Roemerman), Henry.... Marysburgh, German soldier, Provisional List, 1786, New Brunswick Troops, L.B.M. 1791, 300 acres, stamped book... (this man was not U.E., so how did he manage 300 when Ridner, above, only recieved 200?)
+ Ritchie, John.... from Scotland, Major Close's Regiment 1788
+ Rivard, F..... Governor Hamilton's Certificate
+ Roach, James.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Roach, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers, wife 1 child
Road, William.... East District, Augusta, not privileged... not U.E.
+ Road, Wolfgang.... Treasury Loyalist
+ Roat, George....
+ Robert(e), Francois & Joseph.... Soldiers Detroit Volunteers
Roberts, Thomas.... Marysburgh, discharged British soldier, P.L. 1786, (same name Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll)
+ Robertson, David Sgt..... at Cornwall & Roxboro
Robertson, James.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, W. List 1789, wife, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book,(same name Soldier Loyal Rangers)
Robertson, Daniel Donald.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier 44th Regiment, P.L.N.J. 1789, daughters Jane & Barbara, Loyalist who joined in 1777, page 243
+ Robertson, Duncan.... Sergeant Loyal Rangers
Robertson, Joseph.... East District, Edwardsburg, Niagara stamped book, wife 2 children, P.L.N. 1786 (same name Soldier Butler's Rangers, Petition)
Robertson, Joseph.... East District, Edwardsburg, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Robertson, Prince.... Home District Butler's Rangers
Robertson, Neil Lt..... East District, R.R.N.Y.
Robertson Thomas.... East District, Cornwall, P.L.2d, 1786
Robertson, William.... East District, Edwardsburg
Robins, James.... Kingston, Lieut. Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, sons Richard of Ernesttown & William of Kingston
+ Robins, Joshua.... old Soldier, L.B.N. 1794
Robins, Richard.... Kingston
Robins, William.... East District, Charlottenburg, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786, (same name, P.L. 1786, Kingston (same name + Soldier Loyal Rangers)
+ Robinson, Benjamin.... Loyalist
Robinson, Christopher.... Kingston, Ensign Queen's Rangers
+ Robinson, James & Robert.... Soldiers R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Robinson, Joseph.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
Roblin, Owen Sr..... Adolphustown, Loyalist L.B.M. 1793, unassigned Certificate, U.E., P.L. 1786, General Haldimand's, 200 acres, entitled to 700 acres, son Owen P., is 21 years, L.B.M. 1793, 200 acres
Roblin, Philip.... Adolphustown, Governor Hamilton's, 200 acres, Loyalist, P.L. 1786, son John of Adolphustown L.B.A. 1794, 200 acres
Roblin, Stephen.... Sophiasburg & Ameliasburg, served in Major Ward's Blockhouse
+ Rochell, John....
Rodney (Bridges?), George Sgt..... Home District, He is Dead in New Brunswick
Roe, Coleman.... W. District, Provincial Navy from England aboard ship of War to Quebec, October 20, 1807... not U.E.
+ Roe, Walter.... Warrant Officer, Marine Department
+ Rogers, James.... long a prisoner
Rogers, John.... Ernesttown
Rogers, James Col..... Marysburg & Sophiasburg, Major Commandant, P.L. 1786, page 244, sons David M. & James Jr. both in King's Rangers, P.L. 1786
Rogers, William.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.M. 1790, 200 acres, P.L.1786, Hatter stamped book
+ Roggie, John.... wife 4 children, Treasury Loyalist, German Soldier
Roice (Royce), Evan Sr..... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, son Evan Jr. Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Roing, Iosare?.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
+ Roland, Lewis....
+ Ronon, John.... 84th Regiment
Rorison, Bazil.... Elizabethtown, Lieut. Orange Rangers & resigned
Rooreback, Bennet Captian.... not in the Province
Rose, Alexander.... East District, Charlottenburg, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L. & Muster Roll, P.L.2d 1786 (son of a Soldier, Ld.Bd.L)
Rose, Alexander.... of Williamsburg, Drummer R.R.N.Y.
Rose, Charles.... East District, Charlottenburg, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Rose, Daniel.... Ernesttown, Jessup's Corps., he is Dead, wife Eleanor 7 children, 500 acres, P.L. 1786
Rose, Donald.... Home District, Indian Department, wife 4 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Rose, Ezekiel.... East District, came at beginning of the War, L.B.L.
+ Rose, Finlay & William.... Soldiers R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Rose, Henry.... discharged German soldier; (same name + came in March, Captain John Jones Affidavit)
+ Rose, James.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Rose, John.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
Rose Mathias.... Ernesttown, Ld.Bd. Certificate, Soldier Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, son Mathias Jr. Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.M. 1790, 500 acres, P.L. 1786
Rose, Moses.... of Bastard, he is an old man & he is Dead, son Moses Jr. is about 26 years old in 1808, came in beginning of the War, L.B.L., page 245
Rose, Samuel.... East District, Edwardsburg, from Vermont 1792, L.B.L., was a boy & not entitled, son of Samuel
Rose, Samuel.... East District, Joined General Burgoyne, Children Aaron, David, & Susannah
Rose, Samuel.... Yonge
Rose, William.... Charlottenburg, on original Roll
Rosenbarg, Jacob.... Williamsburg, Soldier in Jessup's Corps., Petition, L.B.L.
Ross, Alexander.... Marysburg, L.B.M., Loyalist, 1793, 200 acres, recommended for 200 acres more, stamped book;(same name British Soldier, P.L. 1786, wife 1 child)
Ross, Alexander.... East District, Charlottenburg, Loyalist, L.B. report of Stormont; (same name emigrant from Scotland, L.Bd.L.)
+ Ross, Charles.... Sergeant Loyal Rangers, Provisioned at Johnstown
Ross, Colin.... Marysburg, Soldier British Regiment, gone to Montreal, stamped book
Ross, David.... East District, Edwardsburg, from Vermont, L. B. L. 1792
Ross, Donald.... East District, Lancaster, Captain Watts' Company, P.L.N.J. 1786 (same name son of a soldier 200 acres, L.Bd.L.; also same name came 1776, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll)
Ross, Finlay.... East District, Charlottenburg, Soldier R.R.N.Y., Ld.Bd.
Ross, George.... East District, Lancaster, son of a soldier, 200 acres, Ld.Bd.L.
Ross, Jacob.... East District, Osnabruck, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A, P.L. 1786
Ross, John.... East District, Lancaster, P.L.N.J. 1786
+ Ross, John.... Major 34th Regiment; (same name + Sgt. 26th Regiment)
+ Ross, Lewis Ralph.... Lieut. 5th Regiment.... not privileged
Ross, Philip.... East District, Charlottenburg, R.R.N.Y., P.L.N.J. 1786
Ross, Thomas.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786
Ross, Thomas Benjamin.... East District, Lancaster, wife 5 children, P.L.2d, 1786
Ross, Thomas Taylor.... Lancaster, wife 3 children, P.L.2d 1786, page 246
Ross, Walter.... Marysburg, Sergeant 84th Regiment, British soldier, P.L. 1786, wife, stamped book
Ross, William.... N.C.O. 84th Regiment, L.B.M. 1790, P.L. 1786, stamped book (same name Soldier British Regiment, P.L.N.J. 1786
Ross, Zenus.... Fredericksburg, Soldier Kings Rangers, General Haldimand's 1784, 100 acres, he has a Widow, he is Dead
+ Rough, James.... His Majesty's Navy
+ Rouse, George.... Sergeant Loyal Rangers
+ Row, Alexander & James.... Soldiers R.R.N.Y.
Rowe, Frederick Corporal.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book
Rowe, John.... Home District, Sergeant Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, O.I.C. April 25, 1797, S.P.L.N. 1786
Roweshorn?, John.... Kingston, Sgt. in Captain Damar's troop, stamped Ld.Bd. Certificate, S.P.L.N. 1786
+ Rowstown, George.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Royser, Michael.... at Montreal
+ Rozacrantz, Nicholas.... Volunteer Butler's Rangers
+ Rudhest (Ruhart?) G. & J..... Soldiers Butler's Rangers, Loyalists
Rudderbuck, John.... East District, Edwardsburg, Soldier Jessup's Corps of Loyal Rangers
Rudderbuck, Simeon.... East District, Edwardsburg
+ Ruff, James.... 84th Regiment
+ Ruhart, Jacob.... Soldier Butler's Rangers
Runnion, Henry.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A, P.L.2d, 1786
Ruport, Peter).... East District, Osnabruck, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A
Rush, Martin Sr..... M. District, Engineer Department, O.I.C. June 12, 1798, son Martin Jr.
Rush (Rusk?), Andrew.... Ernesttown, Soldier King's Rangers, Petition Regiment Roll, L.B.M. 1790, 100 acres
+ Russel, Elisha.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Russell, James.... Home District, Settler from England... not U.E.
Russell, Michael.... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y., wife, P.L.2d, 1786, he is Dead
Russell, Rosewell.... East District, Charlottenburg 1790, L.B.L., Settler
Russell, William.... East District, Matilda, Corporal R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, single man, P.L.2d, 1786; (same name a Drummer Loyal Rangers, Niagara stamped book
+ Ruiter, Henry Captian & John Lieut..... Soldiers Loyal Rangers or Royal Rangers
+ Rummerfield, Anthony.... called a good Loyalist
+ Ruport, Francis & John.... Soldiers R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll 1776
+ Ruport, Adam.... wife, 3 sons 3 daughters; Hans
+ Ruport, Peter....; & + Peder Rupert Soldiers R.R.N.Y., page 319
+ Ruth, Richard.... entered the Service in 1758
Rutter, George.... Adolphustown, Loyalist from New York
Rutzenstine, G. B..... Marysburg, Captain Prince Frederick's Germans... not U.E.
+ Ryan, Cornelius.... Lieut. Treasury Loyalist
Ryckman,John Lt..... Home District, Indian Department, Niagara stamped book, page 247
Ryckman, John.... Adolphustown, Loyalist, P.L. 1786, from New York
+ Ryckman, Widow.... 3 children
Ryckerman, Tobias.... Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh
Ryerse, Lt. Joseph.... Home District, New Jersey Volunteers, O.I.C. August 21, 1797
Ryerse, Samuel.... Home District, Captain of the New Jersey Volunteers
+ Ryter, John.... discharged Soldier

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