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The Old United Empire Loyalist List
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+ Tale, Simon.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Talhammer, David.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Taylor, John.... Thurlow, Loyal Rangers (same name Corporal King's American Regiment, Petition, 500 acres; also same name a Sgt. 34th Regiment, L.B.M. 1790, P.L. 1786, a son William); & Christina
Taylor, Michael.... Kingston, Associated Loyalist, stamped book, a Shoemaker
+ Taylor, Peter.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Taylor, William.... Kingston, Loyalist, P.L. 1786, stamped book
Tederick (probably Frederick), Jacob Sgt..... Home District
Tederick (probably Frederick), Lucas.... Home District, Corporal Butler's Rangers
Teeple, Peter.... Home District, Sergeant
Ten Brock, P. Captian.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, 11 in family, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Tendall, Robert.... Kingston, discharged Soldier a Regiment not known on the 31st, P.L. 1786.... not U.E.
Ten Eyck?, Andrew.... Kingston, Soldier New Jersey Volunteers
Terry, Parshal.... Kingston, Butler's Rangers, wife 3 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Terry, Paul.... Elizabethtown, joined on Long Island 1777, Soldier in Lieut. Col. Hulet's Refugee Corps, served King's works
Teynick, Samuel.... East District, Lancaster
Thacker John.... Home District, Soldier New Jersey Volunteers
Thickle? (Thiely?), John.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, Loyalist, P.L. 1786
+ Thomas, James.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Thomas, Jacob.... Home District, Colonel Barton's, Niagara stamped book
Thomas, Jacob.... East District, Elizabethtown, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Thomas, Peter.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Thomas, Peter.... East District, Elizabethtown, Loyalist, P.L. 1786
Thompkins, Israel.... East District, Augusta, Soldier of Jessup's Corps.
Thompson, A. Captain.... Home District, Butler's Rangers
Thompson, Archibald.... Home District, Indian Department, wife 2 children, P.L.N. 1786, O.I.C. July 21, 1796, Niagara stamped book, page 265
Thompson, Elizabeth Mrs..... Home District
Thompson, George.... Home District, Lieutenant King's Rangers, (same name of Matilda, Corporal R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A., wife, P.L.2d, 1786
Thompson, John.... East District, Yonge, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, (same name Soldier Loyal Rangers)
+ Thompson, Matthew.... Soldier Loyal Rangers, Adjutant
Thompson, Peter.... Home District, Butler's Ranger's, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Thompson, Robert.... Marysburg, Sgt. 44th Regiment, L.B.M. 1791, 450 acres, P.L. 1786, wife
Thompson, Samuel.... Home District
Thompson, Timothy.... Fredericksburg, Ensign R.R.N.Y., stamped book, P.L. 1786
+ Thompson, Thomas.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Thompson, William.... Fredericksburg, Soldier King's Rangers. p. R. Roll.
Thomson, Archibald.... Home District, a Master Carpenter, NiagaraNiagara stamped book, 1200 acres, L.B.M. 1790, closed his claim with 500 acres, wife 3 children, P.L. 1786.
Thomson, Daniel.... East District, Augusta, Certified by Lt. Campbell to have been a Guide, and to have furnished Provisions, P.L.N.J. 1785
+ Threlie, Laurence.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Thresser, Ladock?.... Emigrant from U.S. 1790, L.B.M. 200 acres
Throop, Daniel.... Augusta 1794, from Connecticut, suffered imprisonment & loss of property, certified by Captain Joel Stone
Tice, Gilbert Captian.... Home District, Indian Department, wife & 4 servants, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book.
Tillebough (Dillebough, Dilleback, Tilleback, Delebough?) Christian,.... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y., P.L.2d 1786, sons Christian of Williamsburg; Martin Soldier Royal Forresters, restored to U.E. List, O.I.C. January 29, 1808; Peter of Williamsburg, son of a Soldier, 200 acres, L.Bd.L., page 266
+ Tinkney (Pinkney?), Abraham.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Tipperaine, Christopher.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Tipple, John.... Osnabruck, Sergeant R.R.N.Y.
+ Tolbach, Bolsor.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Toosler (Dusler?), William.... Cornwall
Topp, John.... Malden, Soldier Butler's Rangers
Tousack, Gasper.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers
Tracey, Timothy.... Home District
Trainer, John.... Home District, Soldier
+ Tramble, Asahel.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Trapp, Richard.... Drummer R.R.N.Y.
Tredwell, John.... Home District
+ Trip, Robert.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Trompean (probably Trumpour), John.... Sophiasburg & Ameliasburg, Loyalist within the British lines at New York, L.B.M. 1790
Trompeau (Trumpour), Paul.... Adolphustown, Lieut. Delany's Brigade, P.L. 1786, A.M.L.
+ Truman, Peter.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Trumble, Peter.... Augusta, an Irishman, 26 years of age in 1796.... not U.E. but signed Petition on U.E. List
+ Trumbell, Robert.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Tuchout, James.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Turnbull (Trambell?), William.... Home District, Soldier Royal Forresters, O.I.C. July 21, 1796
Turner, Edward.... came 1778, 2 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
+ Turner, Richard.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Tuttle, Jonathan.... East District, Yonge, Petition 1790, never joined the British Standard, suffered imprisonment & loss of property
+ Tuttle, John, Joseph, Stephen & William.... Soldiers Loyal Rangers
Tuttle, Nathan.... East District, Yonge, oldier Loyal Rangers, L.B.L.
Tuttle, Peter, Samuel & Solomon.... East District, Augusta
+ Twifle, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Twohy?, John.... O.I.C. February, 1808, Soldier R.R.N.Y., He is Dead
Tyler, Gerrard.... Fredericksburg, Ld.Bd. Certificate, Soldier Loyal Rangers, Kingston, P.L. 1786
+ Ulman, Henry.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Ulleman, Francis.... O.I.C. March 17, 1807, Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Urquhart, Alexander.... East District, Lancaster
Urquhart, William.... East District, Lancaster, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Ld.Bd., wife 5 children, P.L.N.J. 1786
+ Utler, Isaac.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Valentine, Benjamin.... Kingston, a labourer, stamped book
+ Valentine, Gabriel & Isaac.... Soldiers Loyal Rangers
+ Valentine (Quere?), James Ensign & John Adjutant.... Soldiers R.R.N.Y.; widow of John C.
Valentine, John.... Yonge, a Settler
+Valleau, Peter Lt..... June 22, 1799, on Provision List 1786, a Loyalist, stamped book
Vallian (Valleau), Peter.... Midland District, O.I.C. June 22, 1799, page 267
Vallop, John.... Marysburg, British Soldier, P.L. 1786, stamped book.... not U.E.
Van Allen, Jacob.... Matilda, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll A., wife 1 child, P.L.2d 1786
Van Alstine, Jacob.... Home District, O.I.C. January 24, 1797, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.2d 1786
Van Alstine, Jonas.... Richmond 1787, 100 acres, Fifer R.R.N.Y. 1786, stamped book
Van Alstine, Isaac.... Richmond, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.M. 1790, 200 acres, General Haldimand's 100 acres, stamped book, P.L. 1786
Van Alstine, Peter.... Adolphustown, Cuyler's Company, Captain, sons Alexander L.B.M. 1793, 200 acres; Cornelius
Van Alstine, Lidia.... Widow of James Van Alstine, who died in His Majesty's service, O.I.C., February 16, 1808, she is also Dead
Van Alstine, Lambert?.... Richmond, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, L.B.A. 1791, 200 acres, wife 1 child, P.L. 1786
+ Van Camp, Jacob & Tunis.... Soldiers Loyal Rangers
Van Camp, John.... East District, Matilda, Soldier Jessup's Corps. L.B.L., a single man, P.L.2d 1786
Van Camp, Jacob.... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, wife 4 children, P.L.2d 1786
Van Camp, Peter.... East District, Matilda, Soldier Jessup's Corps., Petition
Vancleft, John.... Fredericksburg, O.I.C. February 10, 1808, joined Royal Standard New York 1801
+ Van Colz, John.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Vandebarrich (Van Deberg, Vande Berick?), Garret.... Richmond, L.B.M 1790, Soldier R.R.N.Y., 600 acres, Muster Roll A., wife 3 children, P.L. 1786
Vanderbozart (probably Van Bogart?), Francis.... Fredericksburg, Soldier King's Rangers, Petition Regiment Roll, 300 acres, L.B.M. 1791
Vanderheyden, Adam.... Ernesttown, old Tickets of Draft Soldier Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, page 268
+ Vanderheyden, David.... Soldier R.R.N.Y. 2nd Battalion
Vanderlip, Frederick.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, He is Dead, daughters Elizabeth & Mary
Vanderlip, William.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
Vandervart, Michael.... Adolphustown, Lieutenant Guides & Pioneers
Vandresser, Peter.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers
Vandercar (Vandecaf?), John.... Ernesttown, Uuincorporate Loyalist, General Haldimand's, 100 acres, P.L. 1786, (same name Kings Rangers)
Vanducar, Ralph or Vandecaf Roelfe?.... Ernesttown, Secret Service, a Pensioner with Jessup's Corps., L.B.M. 1790, 300 acres, P.L. stamped book
Vandusen, Casparus.... Adolphustown, L.B.M. 1790, Loyalist, 350 acres, from New York
Vandusen, Conrod.... Adolphustown, Loyalist P.L. 1786, from New York
Van Every, David Sergeant.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 3 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
+Van Every, McGregor.... O.I.C. April 13, 1802
Van Every, Samuel.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Petition, Niagara stamped book
Van Every, William.... Home District, Butler's Rangers
Van Every, McGregor.... Flamboro, O.I.C. April 13, 1802
Van Horne, C..... Adolphustown, Commissary General's Department, L.B.M. 1790, 350 acres, P.L. 1786
Van Hoosen, Richard.... Home District, wife & 2 servants, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Van Kleeck, Simon.... Hawkesbury, O.I.C. March 5, 1808, An Artificer
Van Koughnet, John.... East District
Vankoughnet, Mickle.... East District, Cornwall, R.R.N.Y.
Vanorder, Isaiah & Matthew.... Kingston
Van Pellen, Arent.... Home District
+ Van Salsbury, Cornelius.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Van Scott, John.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Van Skiver, John.... Adolphustown, Loyalist, drew a lot L.B.A. 1794, 200 acres more, P.L. 1786, page 269
Van Skiver, Peter.... Marysburgh, Loyalist, L.B.M. 1790, 350 acres, P.L. 1786
Vanoolkenburgh (probably Vanvalkenburgh), Chloe.... East District, Augusta
+ Vansnell, John.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Van Yost, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Vardy, Thomas.... + O.I.C. July 12, 1798.
+ Velie, Andrew.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Vernon, Michael.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Veeder, Lucas.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Vent, Adam.... Ernesttown, Governor Hamilton's 1785, Loyalist, 100 acres, wife 5 children, P.L. 1786, Soldier Jessup's Corps., daughter Mary
Vincent, Elijab.... Home District, Ensign Guides & Pioneers
Viger?, Gasper.... Marysburgh, German Soldier, P.L. 1786, stamped book... not on U.E. List
Vogley, John.... Marysburgh, Soldier 53rd Regiment, L.B.M. 1791, 350 acres, P.L. 1786, stamped book & Sgt. McIntosh's certificate
Vollick, Isaac.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, wife 5 children, P.L.N. 1786
Vollick, Sturn?.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, O.I.C. March 11, 1797
+ Voss, Christopher.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Vrooman, Adam Sgt..... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, 2 women & 2 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
+ Vrooman, Thomas.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Vullicar Conrad.... Marysburgh, Discharged British soldier, P.L. 1786, stamped book

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