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The Old United Empire Loyalist List

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+ Wade, Abijah.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Wager, Everhard... Fredericksburgh, Soldier Loyal Rangers or R.R.N.Y., 100 acres, General Haldimand's, P.L. 1786, stamped book, sons Thomas stamped book, R.R.N.Y., P.L. 1786 & William P.L. 1786
Waggoner, Henry... East District, Cornwall, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll F, wife 2 children, P.L.2d. 1786
+ Waggoner, Hermanus.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Waggoner, Jacob Sr.... East District, Cornwall, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, O.I.C. January 15, 1798, P.L.2d 1798, sons Henry of Matilda, 100 acres L.B.L.; Jacob Jr. page 270
Waicoff, John... Yonge or Elizabethtown, Loyal Rangers
+ Wainwright, ?.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wait, George... East District, Cornwall, a Tailor, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll E.
Waite, Joseph... East District, Cornwall, Corporal R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
+ Waldradt, Jacob.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Waldroff, Martin.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Walker, Daniel Sr.... Ernesttown, Governor Hamilton's 1785, 100 acres 1789, 200 acres, Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, son Daniel 200 acres, L.B.A. 1794
Walker, Jacob... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book, he is Dead
Walker, James... East District, Augusta, Surgeon Jessup's Corps.
Walker, Weiden... Ernesttown, from Vermont, never joined the Royal Standard, but on U.E., L.B.M. 1790
Walker, William... Ernesttown, Emigrant settler, 1789, L.B.M. 200 acres
Walker, William... Home District, Loyalist from North Carolina
Waldroff, Martin Sr.... O.I.C. March 17, 1807, widow & sons John & Martin
Wall, Edward... Indian Department, he is Dead
+ Wall, James.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Walliser, Anthony... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L., wife 2 children, P.L.2d 1786, Muster Roll, sons Anthony & John R.R.N.Y.
Walliser, Martin... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, a single man, P.L.2d 1786
Walsh, Samuel... Fredericksburgh, P.L. 1786
Walter, Martin... East District, Matilda, Soldier R.R.N.Y., wife, P.L.2d 1786
Walter, Philip... East District, Matilda, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, a single man, P.L.2d 1786

**Wanomaker, Peter.... Adolphustown, L.B.M. 1791, page 271, A Sergeant in the New Jersey Volunteers 4th Battalion, See Important Note Below **

+ Ward, Abel & John Sgt..... Soldiers Loyal Rangers
Ward, Charles.... East District, Augusta, son of Sergeant John Ward of the Loyal Rangers
Wardle, Cornelius.... Home District, Soldier 2nd Batt. New Jersey Volunteers.
Wardle, Michael.... Home District, Sergeant New Jersey Volunteers, Petition, O.I.C. October 8, 1796
Warner, Christopher Sgt..... Home District, Sergeant Butler's Rangers, wife 4 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Warner, Conradt.... East District, Osnabruck
Warner, Godfrey.... East District, Cornwall
Warner (Waner?), John.... Kingston, Soldier King's Rangers or Associated Loyalists, P.L. 1786
Warner, Michael.... East District, Cornwall, Royal Yorkers, R.R.N.Y., P.L.2d 1786, sons Michael Jr. & George
Wartman, Abraham.... Kingston 1785, Loyalist by Governor Hamilton, 100 acres, P.L. 1786, sons Barnabas Loyalist, P.L. 1786; John Loyalist, L.B.M. 1790, 300 acres, by Governor Hamilton 1785, 100 acres P.L. 1786, stamped book
Wartman, Peter.... November 16, 1807, Sergeant in Captain Herckmer's Company, stamped book, Loyalist, P.L. 1786
Washburn, Ebenezer.... Fredericksburgh, Sergeant Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786
+ Watson, Aaron.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Watson, Major (Suspended List).... East District, Augusta, American soldier taken prisoner by our Indians, afterwards in the Indian Department
+ Warwick, James.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Wearing, Frederick.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Wearly, Peter.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Weart, Conradt.... East District, Osnabruck, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.2d 1786, page 272
Weart, George.... East District, Williamsburgh, R.R.N.Y., P.L.2d 1786
Weast (Whart?), John.... Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.S., 200 acres, P.L.2d 1786, Muster Roll
Weatherhead, Samuel.... East District, Augusta, settlement under orders of 1783, Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Weatherwat, William.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Weaver, Christian.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Weaver, Francis.... Home District, Soldier in Butler's Rangers, O.I.C. July 21, 1796
Weaver, Frederick.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.L. 1791, Muster Roll, 3 children, P.L.2d 1786
Weaver, John.... East District, Cornwall, in Montreal; & + NicholasSoldiers R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll,
Weaver, Peter.... East District, Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Webster, Milo.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
+ Webb, George.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Weiger, Jacob.... East District, Williamsburgh, Sergeant R.R.N.Y.
Welch, Samuel.... Ernesttown, Soldier King's Rangers, Petition Regiment Roll
Welch, Thomas Quartermaster.... Home District, Maryland Loyalists
Welch, William.... East District, Edwardsburgh, Naval Department, (same name wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wellery, Henry.... East District, Williamsburgh, on original Roll
Wellkank, Thomas.... Kingston, Quartermaster to Philadelphian Troop of Horse raised by J. Galloway, O.I.C. March 7, 1797, 600 acres
Wells, William.... Kingston, Incorporated Loyalist, a Shipwright, stamped book
Wemp (Wimpel?), Barnabas.... Kingston, Soldier in Col. Guy Johnson's Foresters, Affidavit 1807, L.B.M. 1791, 100 acres, P.L. R.R.N.Y. 1786, stamped book
Wert, Andrew.... East District, Osnabruck, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Wert, John.... East District, Osnabruck, Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Westbrook, Anthony.... Home District, Indian Department, Foresters, wife 4 four children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book, page 273
Wesley, George.... Kingston
Weston, George.... Kingston, Currier, stamped book
+ Wesseck, George.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Weymore, George.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Whaling, Michael.... East District, Charlottenburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.2d 1786
Whealer, David.... East District, Charlottenburgh, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.N.J. 1786
Wheaton, John.... McAlpin's Corps., Artificer
Wheeler, Ephraim.... Home District, Major McAlpin's Corps., joined in Boston to Augusta
+ White, Jesse & William.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
White, John.... Augusta, a Settler 1786, L.B.L.
White, Joseph.... East District, Augusta, Volunteer Jessup's Corps. Alexander Campbell Esq. certifies he joined the Royal Standard, son Joseph Jr. married living in St. John's during the war, Sherwood's cereificate, On Secret Service, O.I.C. Restored to U.E. List March 3, 1806
+ White, Samuel.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Whiteman, David.... Kingston, discharged soldier, Loyalist, stamped book, P.L. 1786
Whitley, John.... East District, Elizabethtown 1787, 200 acres, R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll
Whitley, John.... East District, Elizabethtown, Soldier Jessup's Corps.
+ Whitman, Maxwell & Robert.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Whitmire, John.... Home District
Whitney, Elijah.... East District, Elizabethtown, emigrant Settler, Ld.Bd. 1793
Whitner, Henry.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers
Whitsell, Andrew.... Home District, Soldier Barton's or New Jersey Volunteers
Whitsell, Nicholas.... Kingston, Soldier Hessien troops, L.B.M. 1791.... not U.E.
Whittle Richard.... Kingston, a Tailor, Butler's Rangers, O.I.C. February 22, 1808
+ Wickie, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wickoff, Peter.... Home District, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
Wickwise, Jonathan.... East District, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wickwise, Jonathan.... East District, Augusta
Wickwise, Lewis.... East District, Augusta 1789, a Drummer King's Rangers?, Petition
Wickwise, Philip.... East District, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wilcox, Elisha.... New Settlement, Lake Erie, Butler's Rangers, 1789, page 274
Wilcox, Hazard? Sr..... East District, Augusta, Certified in command a Company in Canada, was killed in battle at New York, sons Hazard? Jr. & William O'Hazard applies for land
Wilcox, Leberry.... East District, Augusta
Wilder, Daniel.... British Soldier P.L. 1786, stamped book
Wilkins, Isaac & Martin.... Home District
Wilkinson, R. Captian.... East District, completes service & family land grant sold out? P.L.N.J. 1786
Willard, Levy.... East District, Cornwall
Willkey?, William.... Marysburgh, British soldier, P.L. 1786, stamped book
Williams, Albert.... Fredericksburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.B.M. 1789, 350 acres, P.L. 1786, stamped book
Williams, Armstrong.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.Bd.M. 1791, 350 acres, P.L. 1786
Williams, David.... Ernesttown, Ld.Bd. Certificate, Sergeant Jessup's Corps., L.Bd.M. 1790, 700 acres, P.L. 1786, sons David Jr.; Elijah
Petition Ld.Bd. Certificate, 200 acres, Ld.Bd.M. 1790
Williams, Frederick.... Home District, Soldier Engineer Department, O.I.C. April 25, 1797, Ld.Bd. Nassau 1794, wife 5 children, P.L.N. 1786
Williams, Henry.... Sophiasburgh & Ameliasburgh
Williams, John.... Ernesttown, Soldier Jessup's Corps. Loyal Rangers, P.L. 1786, sons John Jr. Loyal Rangers, P.L.N. 1786; James Soldier Loyal Rangers, L.Bd.M.; Joshua a boy, page 275
Williams, Rachel.... Home District, widow of Frederick Vanderlip, daughter of N. Petitt, 450 acres, 3 children, P.L.N. 1786
+ Williams, Richard.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Williams, Robert.... Ernesttown Ld.Bd. Certificate, Loyalist, L.Bd.M., 1793, 300 acres, P.L. 1786, of Adolphustown, drew 100 acres, L.Bd.M. March 19, 1793, 200 acres, Loyal Rangers
Williams, Robert.... Kingston, a Seaman, not U.E. but recieved O.I.C. July 20, 1797
Williams, Samuel.... Home District, Associated Loyalist Ward's Block House
Williams, Moses.... Lancaster, Corporal King's Rangers, O.I.C. January 29, 1808
Williams, Samuel.... Ernesttown (same name Lieutenant Artillery Major Ward's Loyalists)
Williams, Thomas.... Blacksmith Indian Department
+ Williston, William & son William Jr..... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wilson, William.... East District, Augusta
Wilmot, Allan.... Home District, son to Captain Wilmot in Delaney's
Wilsey, Benon?.... East District, Augusta, Loyal Rangers, Petition, L.Bd. Certificate, Governor Haldimand's Certificate, a Sergeant, wife 2 children, son Joseph
Wilsie, James.... Yonge, Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wilson, Bathsheba.... Home District, widow Soper
Wilson, Benjamin.... Home District, a Settler 1787, Petition 1797
Wilson, John Sgt..... Home District, Thorold, Butler's Rangers, Sergeant, wife 6 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wilson, John.... Home District, Recruited Soldiers, concealed officers, suffered imprisonment, Petition Certificate of N. Petitt, O.I.C. March 13, 1797, 1200 acres
Wilson John.... Home District, from Staten Island, a Settler 1878, 3 sons, one in Crowland, page 276, son John Jr., by O.I.C. November 11, 1806, Associated Loyalist
Wilson, Jacob.... Home District, Sergeant New Jersey Volunteers, Petition 1796
Wilson, Joseph.... Home District, Barton's New Jersey Volunteers
Wilsie, John.... Yonge, Soldier Loyal Rangers 1777, but sick after battle of Saratoga, remained in States until after the war
Wiltsey, Benoni.... East District, Elizabethtown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, discharged
Windecker, Henry.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 4 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wing, Gersham.... Elizabethtown 1789, Petition, no service, a Settler, O.I.C. February 4, 1807, reinstated on U.E. list
Winney, Cornelius Corporal.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L.N. 1786
+ Winter, Butler & Joseph.... Soldier 84th
Winter, Henry.... East District, Osnabruck, Soldier R.R.N.Y., wife, P.L.2d. 1786
+ Winter, Jacob.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Winter, Peter.... East District, Osnabruck, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd., a single man, P.L.2d 1786
Winterbottom, Samuel.... East District, Royal Artillery & Marine Department, Lake Ontario
Wintermute, Abraham Corporal.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 1 child, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wintermute, Benjamin.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, O.I.C. March 17, 1797, S.P.L.N. 1786
Wintermute, Jonathan Corporal.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, wife 5 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wintermute, Mary Mrs..... Home District
Wintermute,Peter.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Corporal, L.Bd. Certificate, wife 4 children, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
Wintermute, Philip.... Home District, Butler's Rangers, Niagara stamped book, S.P.L. N. 1786, page 277
Wist?, David.... Ernesttown, Soldier General Haldimand's, 1784, 100 acres, Loyal Rangers,
Wist?, John.... Ernesttown, Soldier R.R.N.Y., General Haldimand's, 1784, 100 acres, P.L. 1786, Captain Myer's letter
Wist, John Jr.?.... Ernesttown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, Muster Roll, P.L. 1786
Wollery, Henry.... East District, Soldier
Wood, Benjamin.... East District, Charlottenburgh, Soldier Butler's Rangers, L.Bd, Lunenburg; several sons, John of Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.2d. 1786; Jonas Indian Department, L.Bd.L.; Josiah of Cornwall; Nathan a boy (same name of Quebec)
Wood, Jonas.... Williamsburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, P.L.2d 1786, sons Roger 200 acres, L.Bd.L. Soldier R.R.N.Y.; William of Cornwall, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd.L. P.L.2d. 1786; Stephen a boy.
Wood, Thomas.... Elizabethtown, Soldier Loyal Rangers, Petition, Jessup's Certificate
Woodcock, Abraham.... Fredericksburgh, Soldier R.R.N.Y., L.Bd.M. 1791, 300 acres,
Woodcock, John.... Fredericksburg, R.R.N.Y., P.L. 1786, stamped book, 1790, Loyalist, 350 acres 1784, General Haldimand's, 100 acres 1785, Governor Hamilton's Certificate, Loyalist, 1793, did not join Britisb Standard before the Treaty of Separation, daughter Katharine's Petitition was rejected March 19, 1793, page 278
Woodley, George.... Home District, Delaney's
Woolly, John.... Elizabethtown, emigrant Settler from States in 1788
+ Woolf, Ludowick.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Work(Warrick?), James.... Ernesttown, Negro Soldier Loyal Rangers, Muster Roll
Wormwood, Mathew.... Home District, Soldier Butler's Rangers, Clinch's Certificate, S.P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book
+ Worth, George.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
+ Wonnwood, William.... Soldier R.R.N.Y.
Wragg, John.... East District, Ironmonger in Montreal, son Richard
Wragg, Thomas.... East District, joined 1779
+ Wray, Roswell.... Soldier Loyal Rangers
Wright, Amos.... Augusta, on original Roll
Wright, Asel.... East District, Soldier 84th Regiment, Ld.Bd., P.L.2d 1786
Wright, Daniel.... Marysburg, Sgt. 53rd Regiment, L.B.M. 1791, 750 acres,P.L. 1786, 9 children born before 1789, stamped book, Petition Certificate of Archibald McDonell
Wright, Daniel.... East District, Cornwall, son of a Soldier, Ld.Bd.L., P.L.2d 1786, joined Royal Standard 1777, Anderson's Certificate
Wright, Gabriel.... Home District
Wright, James.... Marysburg, Soldier 53rdRegiment, L.B.M. 1791, 300 acres, P.L.2d 1786, stamped book
Wright, James.... East District, Elizabethtown, Soldier 84th Regiment, enlisted in Nova Scotia
Wright, Jesse.... East District, Matilda, Sergeant R.R.N.Y. Muster Roll, wife 2 children, P.L.2d 1786
Wright, Joseph.... Marysburg, stamped book, Loyalist, a Tailor, one of the first Settlers, Petition Collins' book, a Soldier 84th Regiment, L.B.M. 1791, 700 acres, P.L. 1786, wife 5 children
Wright, Robert.... Midland District
Wright, Samuel.... Sophiasburg & Ameliasburg, Soldier Butler's Rangers
Wright, Samuel Sr..... Elizabethtown, O.I.C. February, 1805, ordered to be inserted on U.E. list, page 279, son Samuel Jr. L.B.L. suspended from U.E. list
Wright, Sylvester.... Elizabethtown, Petition, son of a Loyalist, father's name not given, L.B.L.
Wright, Waite.... Midland District, Soldier King's Rangers, Provivision List King's Rangers 1786
Wright, Mary.... Kingston, a widow, Loyalist from New York, P.L. 1786
Wright, William.... Marysburg, Discharged from 53rd Regiment.... not a U.E.
Wright, William.... East District, Elizabethtown
Wrong, John.... Home District, Marine Department in Quebec & district, P.L.N. 1786, Niagara stamped book, Petition 1797, Discharged by Commodore Grant

+ Wyatt, John.... Soldier Loyal Rangers

** The proper spelling is WANAMAKER or WANNAMAKER. But this spelling has been seen many times in early transcripts. This family has been well researched by me, back to 1450. 7 brothers came to Canada as Loyalists. 4 of these brothers fought in this war, Peter, Henry, John and possibly Jacob. But Peter being the only one listed in this Old UEL List Appendix B, which was very surprising to me, because all original hand written Land Petitions in Ontario dating 1791 are in my possession, except Henry and John who are probably in New Brunswich. 3 eldest brothers are listed in many New Jersey Volunteers 4th Batt. Muster Rolls as Soldiers along with several cousins. Jacob is still in question meaning he may not have joined the Royal Standard until the War was nearly over, if at all. **See Notes. The 3 youngest brothers who did not fight and are not listed were Andrew, Thomas and Harmanus. Harmanus is my ancestor. It clearly says on Harmanus' Land Petition, Granted 200 acres 1791 (the same year he was 21 years old), the word "Loyalist" at the top of the front page. So why were they not listed nor inserted later? This Wanamaker/Wannamaker family married into many of these surnames throughout this List.

There is a man by the name of Jacob NANAMAKER who was later "inserted" onto this List. Many people believe this spelling could be an error in spelling by the early historians when he was "inserted" or first transcribed and this could be Jacob from this family. But there has never been proof found. Fact remains there is the spelling surname Nanamaker, I have been in contact with descendants of this surname and they do not have the same ancestry.... SKD ))

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