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Home of Mahala Collins Mullins
Photo courtesy of Jack Goins

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       Welcome to Melungeon Research
Chances are, if you have arrived here on this page, you are interested in the people known as the ''Melungeons'' Maybe you are here out of curiosity, or most likely, you are a descendant of people with a very pecuilar pattern of race designations on the census records. There is no one race designation that fits them all, because no one has ever determined the origin of the Melungeons. Many scholars and historians have tried to solve the mystery..but to no avail. There are many theories and varied viewpoints..but no real answers...Here on these pages you will find several different viewpoints of historians, authors, anthropologists and other researchers.

We need to read and research any written materials related to the Melungeons, so that we also, may form an opinion. Granted, some of the material is hard to swallow.. especially in Ms. Dromgooles writings. But pretty or ugly.. it is research, and if you will look closely at her work in the two articles..the paradox will be evident....The material is not intended to offend is the perceptions of the author only, and in no way reflects the opinions of the owners of this webpage.

My sincere thanks to the authors and holders of these materials for their kindness in granting permission for its use here. A special thanks to Dr. Virginia DeMarce, who has been so generous with her research (Dr. DeMarce gathered a wealth of information that would have taken us years to find), Mr E. Raymond Evans (The Graysville Melungeons), the University of Tennessee (special collections on the work of Will Allen Dromgoole), Jack Goins, for the picture of Mahala Collins Mullins cabin.. William Martin..our wonderful webmaster, and all others who have contributed information.

And finally, if you will read the Tennessee Melungeons and Related Groups article by Dr. Virginia DeMarce..the last two paragraphs will summarize what I, myself, would urge each individual researcher to do.. I cannot state it any better \\nthan this.... Please send us feedback and let us know your feelings about the work posted here, as well as your relationship to the Melungeons, and your opinions on the subject.

Thank you for visiting Appalachian Mountain Families !



The Melungeon Research by Dr. Virginia DeMarce

This research is simply a MUST for all serious Melungeon researchers or Hancock County Tennessee descendants.

Feel free to use this research for genealogical and non-commercial purposes,
but please do not request any further research from the author. Dr. DeMarce
does NOT undertake research commissions. I have printed out this research and
carry it with me constantly..I hope you will find it most helpful also !

Tennessee Melungeons and Related Groups
1850 - 1880 Hancock County, TN Census
Bolling - Bowling Families
The Sizemore Families

Additional Reading Materials on the Melungeons

This material is not meant to offend anyone, it is simply the perceptions and opinions of the authors.. Agree or gives us an idea of the many ways in which others regard the people known as "Melungeons"

The Graysville Melungeons
The Melungeon Tree and Itīs Four Branch


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