Family History Site of Tony Roberts

Family History Site of Tony Roberts

Surnames Locations
Roberts Malpas, Wales; Camden Town, London; Wellington, New Zealand
Martien France; Philadelphia, PA; Albany, NY; Missouri, MO; Baltimore, MD; Ohio; Wellington, New Zealand
Gowen Sydney, Australia
Jones Sydney & Brisbane, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand
Yorston Camden Town, London; Wellington, New Zealand
Cowley Camden Town, London
Battersby Auckland, New Zealand
Harris Walworth, England; Wellington, New Zealand
Robjohns and East Tavistock, Devon; New Zealand

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Roberts Family History

Roberts Family of Camden Town

These families had strong associations with St Pancras Old Church, Parish of St Pancras.

William Roberts of Camden Town
Edward Roberts and Eliza Maynard
George Roberts and Susan Gallard
Edward Roberts and Margaret Yorston

Roberts Family of Wellington, New Zealand

Harry Roberts (Henry Roberts) and Marion Jones
Frederick Roberts and Frances Battersby

Family Tree

Descendant's of Edward Roberts of Malpas

My direct ancestors

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Related Families: Yorston, Cowley, Battersby

Yorston Family of Dunbar, Scotland

George Yorston and Elena Smith
Descendant's of George Yorston

Yorston Family of Camden Town, London

William Yorston and Mary Ann Cowley

Cowley Family of Camden Town, London

Willian Cowley and Sophia Bean
Descendant's of William Cowley

Battersby Family of Lancashire, England

Richard Battersby and Margaret Burrow
Richard Battersby and Margaret Nicholson
Descendant's of Richard Battersby

Family Tree

Battersby Family of Auckland, New Zealand

George Battersby and Elizabeth Hayden

Burrow Family of Lancashire, England

Arthur Burrow and Mary Walker of Tatham

Martien Family History

In english speaking countries the surname Martien is very rare. In the case of many Martien families known to us, the name is traced back to French protestants. Joseph Gilbert Martien's obituary (1896) states he

was of French descent, his ancestors having emigrated from France to this country [USA] during the persecutions of the Huguenots. The Martiens first settled in North Carolina, but some of them afterwards moved to Philadelphia, Pa.

Numerous other Martien families in the USA have Huguenot ancestors with Philadelphia connections, indicating that they are related. This page is intended for sharing information and contacts regarding the Martien families of the USA who may be related to the Martien family of Philadelphia, PA 1700-1800.

There are a number of pieces of indirect evidence that many of the Martien families in the USA are related to William Martin and Sarah Fox who were married at the First Presbyterian church of Philadelphia on 19 Dec 1723. As of 2002, there are still no direct connections, and it is hoped that further research will demonstrate the actual relationships.

The main lines are:

Baltimore Martien family - William Martien born abt 1783 in Philadelphia. This family knew of and visited the Philadelphia Martiens.

New York/Missouri Martien family - Medan Martien, born about 1785 in Philadelphia. Medan shared the very rare forename with one of William and Sarah's sons "Medan Martin/Medam Martin".

Philadelphia Martien family - William Martin, born about 1760 in Philadelphia. William and his wife Elizabeth had a daughter Sarah Fox Martien, who is likely a descendent of Sarah Fox. When William died, his wife Elizabeth married Mibsam Martien (born about 1765), who also shares a very rare forename with one of William (I) and Sarah's children "Mibsam Martin". William and Elizabeth's youngest son was William Stockton Martien.

Philadelphia Martien family (II) - James Martien, born 1804 in Philadelphia. His families grave plot lies next to the plot of William Stockton Martien's family in Philadelphia. Thus James is likely to be either a half-brother or cousin of William Stockton Martien (see first Philadelphia family).

Ohio Martien family - Gilbert Martien b. abt 1800 lived in East Pennsylvania in 1850. Apart from similaties in forenames there is no other direct evidence of this family sharing similar origins.

Baltimore Martien family (II) - Joseph Martien born abt 1825. This family was known to above mentioned Baltimore family, but no evidence of direct connections is available.

We do not have direct evidence of who the parents any of these people are, but the notes point to connections between them. Perhaps further research will reveal the true nature (if any) of their inter-relationships.

I have put together a tentative family tree showing several different Martien families, and how they might be related to William and Sarah. When I begun researching and was unable to trace my line beyond 1785, I was curious to find out if any of the other Martien lines could be followed back into the 18th century. Where evidence is available on these other families it seems to lead back to Philadelphia (or Pennsylvania) in the period 1780-1800 before drying up.

Tentative Tree

My direct ancestors

My direct ancestors (PNG Graphic)

Descendant List

Database of Martien's at world connect

Martin Family of Philadelphia 1700-1800

The Martin family had strong connections with the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.

William Martin and Sarah Fox
Mibsam Martin
Medan Martin

Martien Family of Philadelphia 1700-1900

The decsendants of the William Martin and Sarah Fox started using their original name Martien in the 1800's.

William Stockton Martien
Medan Martien
Mibsam Martien

Martin Family of New York 1805-1845

Medan Martin and Mary Perry
James Madison Martien
Joseph Gilbert Martien

Martien Family of New Zealand 1900-

Joseph Gilbert Martien

Related Families: Harris, Robjohns and East

Harris Family of Wellington, New Zealand

James John Harris and Selina East

Robjohns Family of Devon & East family of Devon

William Rabjohn
John Robjohns
John East and Eliza Robjohns
Descendant's of William Rabjohm


Jones and Gowen Family History

Gowen Family of Sydney, Australia

John Gowen and Audrey Appleyard (Ordery Appleyard)
John Gowen was a marine on the First Fleet, and Audrey was a convict.
Descendant's of John Gowen

Jones Family of Wellington, New Zealand

William Henry Jones (48th Regiment) and Mary Gowen
William Henry Jones and Mary Ann Matthews

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