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Welcome !! We live in Matua, a seaside suburb of the City of Tauranga, situated in the North Western part of the Bay of Plenty in the North Island of New Zealand.
This page summarises our web presence, our genealogy interest and provides links to further pages which are more detailed. My wife Frances and I have retired and our main interests are our Family, Outdoor Bowls (Lawn Bowls),  Genealogy  (see below), Motorhoming, and Fishing, our dog "Scamp" (Poodle Fox Terrier cross), and our cat "Missy". 

You will find our E-Mail Address and Genealogy Notes further down the page. Note: We refer to ourselves as 'Kiwis', the Kiwi being New Zealand's unique native bird which is used as an international icon for our country.

"Where's that dam'n cat?"

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Our Ardern Genealogy Pages trace my family back to a John Ardern born about 1600 (d.1650) and who lived in Timperley, a village near Altrincham in Cheshire, England. Timperley and Altrincham are in the ancient parish of Bowdon. Our family line would seem to be from the ARDERNEs of Timperely, who in turn descended from the ARDERNEs of Harden (near Hyde, Cheshire).

For those interested in Birth Marriage and Death records in the Cheshire Parish of Bowdon (pre 1837 and Civil Registration) the archives of  St Marys, Bowdon Mailing List can be searched by Interactive Search or by searching the Monthly Postings  You can subscribe to the mailing list and receive copies of all postings to the list. For more detail see St Marys List

The Ardern family trees include the surnames Ardern, Berry, Clout, Cunningham, Hall, Holloway, Howell, Sharpley, Stancliffe, Thickpenny, Tierney, Williams.

Variations of the Ardern name such as Arderne, Arden, Ardon, Ardron, Arderon, A'hern, Athern, Artherne, Ardene, Ayden, Adeane, Ardouin, Ardan, Ardherne, Hardin, Hardurn, Hordurn, O'dern, could be relations.

Other Ardern connected Genealogy sites to explore are Errol and Lexly Ardron , The Surname Web ,  Gwyneth Bryant's Timperley Roots 

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