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WHAT IS A MAIL LIST? A mailing list is a way of forwarding messages to others who are interested in the same genealogical research as you are. You send your message to the list and it is sent to everyone who has subscribed to that list. Everything that anyone else sends to the list will be sent to you. It is a great way to find others who are researching in the same area or are researching the same surname. A mail list does not have an address that you can go to. It is not a place on the Internet. It only forwards email messages. It will have an address something like: [email protected] while a website will have an address that starts with "http://" or "www."

ENG-CHS-ST-MARYS-BOWDON-L Is for the posting of Pre 1837 (Civil Registration) BMD records of this ancient parish church and for general discussion of genealogy and family history research relating to St Marys records. Subscribers post details of their interests and discoveries, and as well as helping out someone looking for the same or connected information the archives of the List become a searchable database of BMD records.

Questions about this list? Contact the list administrator at [email protected]

This page last updated 11 February 2003


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