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Riepe Genealogy
Prussia to the U.S.

THE Source for Riepe surname information

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This website will no longer be fully active as of 8/25/05. 

Due to the need for a new program to manage the genealogy data which requries server files not available on the Rootsweb servers :-( , Riepe Roots now has a new home with its own domain name - RiepeRoots.com (hyperlink to new site)

Please be patient as I work on getting the new site fully functional.  The new site is already up and running, but there are some minor bugs in it - links back here to Rootsweb which need to be removed, etc.  The new gen program is online (instructions & info can be found at the new site), but it, too, needs some "cosmetic" work and fine tuning.

Apologies for all of you who have sent new info, pics, etc. which are not yet on the site.  The quantity of genealogy data in the database has become to cumbersome to manage single handedly.  I spend countless hours formatting pages for the web, and the Sources page (as well as a few others) are just too large to load quickly for site visitors.  The new program alleviates MANY of the time issues I encounter in maintaining this site.   Once the new site is cleaned up and fully functional, I will be able to get back to setting up photo albums w/ pics, entering source data, etc.





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