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It's   A  Family  Thing!!

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As you browse through the families below, remember they were

compiled by an amateur genealogist.  Please use only as a guide

to researching your own families.  Perfection was the goal, but

mistakes were probably made.  If you have any recommendations,

corrections, questions, new information, or if you would just

like to chat, I can be reached at the email logo below.

I'd love to hear from you!

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Now...    on to the good stuff!!!

Please use the links below to reach your family.

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             ATWOOD:   Brown, Fillinger, Hall, Inscore, Prater, Royal, Waddle

             BAILIE:   Barber, Barnett, Durkee, Keller, Purdom, Redding, Showalter

             BUTLER:    Cochran, Correll, Davis, Mitchell, Schrum    

            CHIPLEY:   Anderson, Critser, Davis, Eager, Murphy, Whitley, Hoppe

             CRAWFORD:  Crow, Hamilton, Jennings, Middleton, Neal,

                                                Pierce, Winter

             DYKE:   Bates, Brill, Dike, Dyche, Freeman, Kreeger, Mackley, Painter

              HATFIELD:    Atwood, Blankenship, Cline, Gibson, Kennedy, McCoy


And many more surnames....

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Thank you for stopping by.  Come back again soon!!


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