Army World War II 931st Signal Battalion (Avn) (Sp) Rosters for surnames C-D

United States Army
931st Signal Battalion (Aviation) (Sp)
China-Burma-India Theatre, World War II

Surnames beginning with C and D

Names of those known to have served in the 931st
+ = found since 1990 or deceased
# returned from China w/old 931st men; may be old 422?

Caballero Amado G. 
Caffrey Jr. Joseph J. +
Callino Morris A. 
Campain Henry H. +
Campanello Gregory M. 
Campo James J. + 
Candle Thomas L. 
Cangelose Andrew +
Cardwell John P. +
Carle Robert 
Carlson Andrew W. 
Carney Thomas F. 
Carroll Harold K. +
Carten James D.?E? 
Carter Cliford W. +
Carter Jim E. +
Casale Louis V. 
Casdorph Roy A. +
Cash James L. +
Cassiano Roberto T. 
Cast Jessie (NMI) 
Casteel Melvin K. +
Caver Glen L. 
Centa Ernest R. +
Cerar Stanley R. 
Cervasio Frank A. +
Chaillou Walace A. +
Chanes Henry +
Chapman Jr. John W. 
Charuk Paul 
Chase Elliot W. +
Cheney Woodrow V. 
Chiado James S. 
Childs Dorsie E. 
Chimley William R. 
Christiano Justino A. 
Ciarmitaro Salvatore 
Cifu Michael J. 
Cimino Joseph M?/(NMI?) +
Cisneros Walter F. 
Clark Arlie L. 
Clark Edwin R. 
Claver Harold M. +
Clayton Leo C. 
Clemens Noble O.?L.? +
Clotsworthy Walter C +
Clyde William D. +
Coady Arthur C. 
Coarwar Albert M. 
Coco Charles S. +
Coffey Lester L. +
Cohen Lt. C
Coker/Cokor Louis 
Cole Alvin E. +
Coletta Rudolph A. 
Collins Matthew E. 
Collins Ralph W. +
Combes John H. 
Condie Thomas L. 
Conn Jack A. 
Cook, Jr. William H. +
Copley, Jr. Thomas J. +
Cornelius Norton A. +
Cothron William L. 
Cottrell Albert A. 
Cox Dwain R. +
Cox William L. 
Cozzetto Alfred/
Craig Jr. Ray W. +
Cramer Gustave/Gus C+
Crane Raymond A. 
Cresenzi Willie R. 
Crist Ronald F. 
Crittenden Charles C. +
Crosen William E. 
Cross Arthur L. 
Crowley Charles 
Crozier Billy B. +
Czub Marion F. +
Daly William T.?J.? +
Daniel Willie S. 
Daniels ?
Daugherty William H. 
Daum Edward L. +
Davis Doyle H. 
Davis Ed +
Davis Edward L. 
Davis Harold E. 
Davis James R. +
Davis Stanley A
DeBolt Walter R. +
DeCastro Lt.? ?
Deering Harry L. ?
Del Dusa John M. 
Delgado Manuel B.? E.? 
Demos Louis M. 
Derrig Lawrence L. 
DeVoe Delbert L. 
DeVore James B. 
Dilling Glenwood R. +
DiMargo Frank J. +
Dinsmore Melville W. +
Doe Donald F. +
Doering Harry L. 
Doggett Evin L. 
Dollenger/Dollgener Garhart O. +
Donnohy John N. #
Doyle Pierce A. +
Drake Robert S. +
Drenzek Stanley 
Drews Jr. Theodore E. +
Driggs Lawrence L. +
Drypolcher William C. +
Duboise Roy +
Dudley Harry Dean +
Duncan Jack L. 
Dunn Jerry 
Dzikowski Joseph J. +

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