Army World War II 931st Signal Battalion (Avn) (Sp) Rosters for surnames L

United States Army
931st Signal Battalion (Aviation) (Sp)
China-Burma-India Theatre, World War II

Surnames beginning with L

Names of those known to have served in the 931st    
+ = found since 1990 or deceased
# returned from China w/old 931st men; may be old 422?

Labiak Leonard J. 
Ladwig Walter J. +
Lamb, Jr. John J. 
Landers Allen W. 
Landrum Thomas O. +
Lang Richard A. +
Lang Richard M. 
Lange Erwin L. 
Lapoint, Sr. Roy H. +
Larocco Anthony V. 
Larson Leo R. +
Lashno Walter J. 
Law James A. 
Lebda Walter 
Legg James 
Leiviska Laurie B. 
Lemke Arnold G. 
Lempo Arnold G. 
Leone Frank V. 
Leschen Mortimer +
Lesh Robert A. +
Levite Anthony J. 
Libertini Lewis #
Licata Massimo 
Limbaugh Grover +
Lindsay Robert L. 
Little Robert L. 
Livingston Norman W. +
Lloyd Robert E. 
Locklear Raymond J. 
Lofting Robert W. +
Long Raymond E. 
Lowery Marshall L.+
Lowther Lloyd G. 
Loy George O. 
Lozoya/Lazoya David P. 
Lucia Roger E. 
Lula Joseph +
Lum Alvis Merle +
Lundin Albin B. 
Lutton Glenn T. 
Lybeck Lester E. 
Lynch Stephenson H. 

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