Army World War II 931st Signal Battalion (Avn) (Sp) Rosters for surnames Sa-Sh

United States Army
931st Signal Battalion (Aviation) (Sp)
China-Burma-India Theatre, World War II

Surnames beginning with Sa to Sh

 Names of those known to have served in the 931st    
+ = found since 1990 or deceased
# returned from China w/old 931st men; may be old 422?

Saba Benjamin A. 
Sabata Laddie J. +
Salerno Bernard P. 
Salerno Vincent J. 
Samar Richard A. #
Samson/Sanson Cecil L. +
Sandell William A. 
Sanders Allen W. 
Sandoval Cipriano G. +
Santagato Joseph T. 
Sarbeck Lawrence E. 
Sauter Frederick T. +
Saxton Ralph A. 
Scarso Salvatore J. 
Scharenberg James F. 
Schell Eugene B. +
Scheurer Herschel A. 
Schiltz William L. +
Schmitt Theodore W. 
Schmitz ? Capt ?
Schmitz Louis B. +
Schneff Albert E. +
Schoenrock Walter +
Schoonover Robert M. 
Schuker John W. 
Schultz William L. 
Schulze Delton "Henry" +
Schwartz Jerry +
Schweitzer William H. +
Schwitt Theodore N. 
Scillian Raymond D. +
Scott Arthur W. 
Scott Dwayne R. 
Scott, Jr. William N. (M?) 
Sealy Kenneth W. 
Seaman William 
Sekulski Edward A. 
Senn Horace B. +
Sessa (Sossa?) Pasqualino M. 
Sessler ? Lt. ?
Shaptak Paul 
Shaw Joseph M. 
Shearer William N. 
Shepard(-herd?) Raymond C. +
Shertle William B. +
Shumaker Everett P. 

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