Army World War II 931st Signal Battalion (Avn) (Sp) Rosters for surnames U-V-W

United States Army
931st Signal Battalion (Aviation) (Sp)
China-Burma-India Theatre, World War II

Surnames beginning with U, V and W

Names of those known to have served in the 931st    
+ = found since 1990 or deceased
# returned from China w/old 931st men; may be old 422?

Updyke Ronald F. 

Vaccaresza(-zza) Frank 
Valdez Hilario M. 
Van Arendale Capt. 
Van Vliet Robert C. 
Vanbrunt Omer C. 
Vandermeer Lambert "Bert" +
Vanderwarker Burton W. 
Verna Luke N. +
Vernon Ronald L. 
Vivas Jr. Julio +
Vonsovich Stanley J. 
Vorbaro Alexander 
Voss Leonard J. +

Waldwukior/Waldenmuier Richard W. 
Wales Robert L. 
Walker Joel O. 
Walker John H. #
Walker Leo J. 
Walkup Wilbur H. +
Walrath, Jr. Thor J. 
Walsh Hugh J. +
Walsh Robert C.? G.? +
Walter George 
Walters Harold E. 
Walters William T. 
Ward Irvin H. +
Ward James H. (M?) 
Warner Theodore 
Warren William (NMI) 

Watson Curtis G. 
Watson John F. +
Watson John Lt. 
Watson Thomas H. #
Watson, Jr. Clifford W +
Watts Thomas M. #
Weatherill Philip H. 
Webster Douglas F. 
Wellman Russell 
Wertel William J. 
West Jewel L. 
Westerman Mack C. 
Westerman Lt. 
Weston Edward C.? G? +
Westrate George M. 
Wharton Alfred (NMI)
White Charles E. +
White Richard J. 
Whiteside Robert L.+
Wiegmann Edward D.+
Wiese Verlys R. 
Wieser Norman E. 
Wilborn William E. +
Wiles Norman M. +
Wilke Robert L. +
Wilkerson Marvin 
Wilkerson Sammie A.
Williams Buford W. 
Williamson Wayne K.
Willis Dalma G. 
Willison Newton C. +
Wilson Floyd T. 
Wilson Llewellyn W. 
Wilson William L. 
Winfrey, Jr. George H.L.
Winkelman Ray/Roy O. +
Winkels Lambert R. +
Winters Lt. ACS?
Wise Jr. Roger M. +
Wistrand Walter H. +
Witt Clement A. 
Wittman Rudolph (NMI) 
Wolff Raymond A. 
Wood Edward V. 
Woodhouse Amos O. 
Woods Stanley 
Woodson, Jr. Wilbur H. #
Workman Lt.? British?
Woyner Norman C. 
Wright Arthur M. 
Wright Everett F. 
Wright Franklin J. 
Wuori William W. 
Wyatt Dr. George B. 
Wychesit Jr. Charles A. +
Wylie Clem (NMI) 
Wynne James R. +
Wynne Paul F. 


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