Arnold Descendants by Al Arnold, Jr.



Generation No. 1


 1.  Friederich2 Arnold  (Philip1) was born Bet. 1780 - 1785, and died Bet. April 04 - 27, 1835.  He married Deborah Ziegler.  She was born Abt. 1782, and died Bet. 1860 - 1870.


Notes for Friederich Arnold:

I have information, including images from the Bucks County Historical Society such as Friederich's will, estate, and church records for his family.  The three page Inventory List from his estate, taken on 17 Jun.1835, provides personal data on the lifestyle of the family. The Renunciation by John Marsteller on 27 April 1835 indicated Frederick Arnold died prior to this date. Since Frederick's Will was dated 4 April 1835, we can assume Frederick died between 4 April and 27 April 1835. Frederick made his mark on the Will. This suggested he could not write or his health prevented him from writing at this time.  The County Orphans Court has jurisdiction over all estate matters in the State of Pennsylvania. A search of the Orphans Court Index found no entries for Frederick Arnold. No earlier entries for a Philip Arnold were found in either Estate or Orphans Court records.  No earlier Philip Arnold was listed, however the following were reviewed since they included given names associated with your Arnold family: Grantor: Solomon Arnold, Grantee: Peter Shelly Date: 24 Apr.1837 Notes: This entry listed a 'Deed of Assignment'. A Deed of Assignment would be comparable to a bankruptcy proceeding. In this instance Solomon Arnold and his wife Catharine assigned their property to Peter Shelly. Mr. Shelly was charged with selling the real and personal property and distributing the proceeds to the creditors of Solomon Arnold. No additional list of creditors or cause for the financial situation was given.  Grantor: Deborah Arnold Grantee: Solomon Arnold Date: 6 Apr.1838 Notes: This 'Release" released Solomon Arnold from the obligation stated in his father's Will.  Frederick's Will left all his real and personal estate to Solomon and stated that Solomon was to provide for Deborah during her lifetime "sufficient house room in the house I now reside together with all other necessary for a comfort living: and at the decease of my said wife to pay the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars - which sum I order and direct shall be divided among all my heirs share and share alike." This release appears to have been done in response to Solomon's financial problems. Deborah cleared the Deed of the encumbrance and allowed the property to be sold to cover Solomon's debts.  Grantor: Peter Shelly, Assignee of Solomon Arnold and wife Catharine Grantee: John Hemmerly Date: 5 Apr.1838 Description: A messuage and tract of land in Bucks County bounded by lands of Christian Achenbach, Jacob Bechtel, Adam Smetzer and Moses Marsteller containing 23 acres and 62 perches. It being the same property which Joseph Arnold by Indenture dated the 16th day of October 1833 did grant and confirm unto Frederic Arnold and Frederick Arnold by his Last Will and Testament dated the 4th day of April 1835 confirmed unto the said Solomon Arnold, but subject to a lien payable with annual interest to Deborah Arnold.  Springfield Township Tax Assessment records showed no Arnold entries until 1812 when Frederick appears with 2 cattle. Since Frederick was married to Deborah Ziegler, all Ziegler/Siegler entries appearing in these early years were recorded. The assumption was that Frederick may have moved to this location because of Ziegler family ties.

Frederick does not appear on the 1823 and 1824 lists.  Frederick reappears in 1828. David first appears in 1830, Joseph in 1831, Samuel in 1833 and Solomon in 1834. I suspect these are all related individuals and very likely sons of Frederick since the Arnold surname is not commonly found in this geographical area. The appearance of the name on the Tax List indicates the man is over 21 years of age.  Some Tax Lists also included a list of "Poor Children" or "Scholars whose Parents could not afford to pay for their Education".  In 1827 the following entries were copied:Abraham Arnold - 10 years,      Susanna Arnold - 7 years, In 1828:Abraham Arnold - 11 years, son of Frederick, Susanna Arnold - 8 years, daughter of Frederick.  Copies of the Frederick Arnold entries on the 1829, 1830 and 1835 Assessment lists are attached. 1829 was the first year he was assessed for land and 1835 when his entry appeared as an estate after his death. His 1829 Assessment reads as follows:23 acres @$28/acre = $644.  Occupation @ $50 (specific occupation not listed) 1 head of cattle @$12, Total Assessment = $706, County Tax: $1.41,  Frederick is not assessed for any real estate until 1829. He is listed with 23 acres until his death in 1835. This agrees with his Will, as does the assessment of Solomon Arnold with 23 acres in 1836 following his father's death. The puzzling item is the acquisition of the property. Many times the transfer of land will provide answers to family relationship questions. That was the incentive to find the origin of the 23 acres. Since the only history, which was listed in the Deed transfer to John Hemmerly on 5 April 1838, stated Frederick obtained the land from Joseph in 1833, and this was not a recorded transfer, further research would be very difficult.  A review of Ziegler family records did not prove successful. Five earlier Ziegler family estates were found and reviewed, but none contained any mention of a Deborah or a connection to the Arnold family. A search of Ziegler family Deeds found no mention of land transfers in the Springfield Township area.  Since Joseph Arnold was listed as the grantor of the 23 acres to his father Frederick, and Joseph was married to Susanna Gross, there may have been a Gross family connection to this real estate. A search for this possible connection was not made because of time constraints. This would also require additional work with Bucks County Estate and Deed records. It may also be possible to trace the 23 acre tract by reviewing records of the surrounding land owners. This would probably find who held the tract prior to Joseph and Frederick Arnold.  None of my Bucks Co. searches provided any indication of an earlier Arnold family residing in Bucks.   I believe Friederich had relation in the area.  I think Jacob Arnold is a relative, maybe a brother.  Jacob is listed on a couple documents I have from the Bucks County Historical Society.  He is listed as a baptismal sponsor with his wife Catharina, for Friederich and Deborah's son, Joseph on March 3, 1805. Info from the Lehigh County Historical Society shows a marriage of Elizabeth Arnold to Abraham Van Horn in Upper Saucon on 6/13/1833.  This may be Jacob's daughter.  I have the census images, and this may be them.  The Bucks County Historical Society also found information for David Arnold, who may be a relative.  David was listed on a baptismal record on September 11, 1808, with Friederich and Deborah as parents.  One of the most interesting discoveries in this review of church records was the discovery of David, son of Friedrich & Deborah Arnoldt, b.27 Mar.1808, bapt.11 Sep.1808; Sponsors: Jacob Rodenbach and wife. This entry was only found in the Clarence Beckel transcription of 1939.  I have followed David Arnold on a couple of census'.  Friederich and Deborah were listed as sponsors to Peter Lynn (or Linn) and Hanna's daughter - Magdalena's baptism on July 31, 1808.  On the 1880 census, Henry Arnold 's father is listed as born outside the U.S., the writing is not