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I have been doing genealogy for about 20 years but have only been on the computer about 12 years and only made any head way in the last 12 month thanks to the many cousins I have found in both Australia and England, I am 66years old and retired and living in Maryborough Queensland Australia. I was born and grew up around the Parramatta Hills district. I had two really good jobs in my life groom gardener on cattle stations and 17 1/2 years working for the Department of Defence Air. If you find a link I am always happy to get intouch with you and arrange to swap files, Please check my family and I hope you enjoy, Happy Hunting Arty.

Below you will find my main family members.

Robert Cornwall and Sarah Baker * John Chapman and Sarah Underdown

William Clout and Philadelphia Smith * Simon Moulds and Ann Davis

John Rudman and Ann Fox * James Schofield and Elizabeth Ashworth

My line is as follows.

Robert CORNWALL & Sarah BAKER.

Thomas CORNWALL & Sophia

James CORNWALL & Elizabeth CHAPMAN

Thomas CORNWALL & Charlotte SHERWOOD

Joseph CORNWALL & Elsie May RENTZ

Arthur James CORNWALL & Ida RUDMAN

Arthur CORNWALL & Ellen Jean QUIN / Marlyn Joy MAHER

Surnames in the Cornwall Family Tree.

Abrey, Akehurst, Alderton, Allen, Allison, Arnold, Ashcroft, Ashpole, Axon,  

Bachelor, Baker, Barns, Barrow, Bedelph, Bergman, Beverage, Billett, Black, Boome, Booth, Bottles, Brennen, Brien, Broughton, Brownell, Buckley, Bugby, Burke, Bushell, Butler, Button, Byrnes, 

Calf, Callaghan, Cameron, Carter, Castella, Caswell, Caton, Catt, Chalmers, Chapman, Cini, Clark, Clout, Cochrane, Collison, Cooper, Corner, Cornford, ***Cornwall*** Cornwell*** Cornwill*** Cosmer,

Davies, Davis, Denmeade, Devine, Dillon, Dinnage, Donnelly, Doyle, Duggan, Duke, Dunn, 

Ellis, Everingham,

Farey, Farrell, Fennell, Ferguson, Flegg, Ford, Fortune, Franklin, Fraser, Frawley, French, Funnell, 

Gasson, Gates, Gavin, Graham, Gratton, Grimshaw,

Hardwick, Hayman, Haywood, Head, Heeley, Hewitt, Higgs, Hill, Hollands, Homewood, Honeysett, Howse, Huggett, Hughes, Humphries, Hurdis, Hutchison,

Ispahany, Izard,

Jarvis, Jinman, Johnson, Jones, 

Keene, Kennedy, King, Kirk, Klippert, 

Lamb, Lavender, Lawson, Ledwidge, Leet, Lenton, Levett, Lewis, Lippiatt, Llewellyn, Lloyd, Long,  love, Luff, Lusted,  lye,  lyness,

Madden, Maguire, Maher, Markem, Maydell, McColl, McDermott, McGrath, Merrett, Mewis, Miller, Mills, Minett, Mitchell,  Moore, Morn,

Newman, Norford, 

O'Brien, Oliver,

Parnell, Peasley, Pelling, Pettit, Pickersgill, Pilbeam, Pinnock, Plummer, Potter, Powell, Poynting, Pratt, Purser, Puttick,


Rae, Randall, Reckless, Reed, Rentz, Reynolds, Richards, Richardson, Richmond, Roberts, Robertson, Robins, Robson, Rodgers, Rouffe, Rudman, Russell, Rynehart, 

Sackley, Sanders, Sargeant, Saunders, Schweikert, Scouler, Shepherd, Sherwood, Sidley, Skillen, Skinner, Smart, Smith, Sonter, Stephens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stoner, Strachan, Stubbs, Sutton, Sweatman, Sykes,

Tarrington, Tate, Taylor, Tester, Tilly,



Wakefield, Walker, Ward, Wasserman, Waters, Watson, Weaver, Webb, Weeks, Wells, White, Wild, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Woods, Wormleaton, Wyndram,


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