The Descendants of

Peter and Mary Ashton


Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Locke, Cayuga County, New York

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This Ashton family is of English origin, but our forbearers immigrated to the United States about 1732 from Queens County, Ireland and made their way to Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The immigrants, Peter and Mary Ashton, were granted a Land Patent in April 1745 and with their oldest son, Robert, established a homestead on a tract of 207 acres on Cook's Creek in what was to become Springfield, Pennsylvania. Peter and Mary were active Quakers and attended the Richland Monthly Meeting. This website contains the history of this family through Peter and Mary's son, Thomas and his posterity. Thomas and his sons—John, Thomas, Stephen, and Abraham—left Bucks County and eventually settled in Locke, Cayuga County, New York about 1800. John, the eldest son of Thomas, was the father of nine sons. The history of these sons has been a subject of considerable speculation among Ashton researchers in the past and the genealogy of these sons is included in this work. As far as we know, their history has not been previously documented. The history presented here is the result of two years of research by three of Peter Ashton's descendants.


The information on this website is organized by generations with Peter and Mary Ashton of Bucks County identified as the First Generation. There are eight generations in our database. You may browse from generation to generation or you may use the search engine below to locate a particular person. Our family tree may be a few branches short, since this is a work in progress, but we hope you find the information presented here valuable in your search for your family heritage. We welcome new information about our Ashton family, so if you are a cousin, let us hear from you.



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