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Welcome to my Genealogy Pages
Astrid 2007
This is me, Astrid Astrid 1967

My name is Astrid (Fahlbusch) Kranzbuhler and I 'caught the genealogy bug' in 1997, when I came into possession of a photocopy (of a photocopy of a photocopy ...) of a report from 1938, compiled and typed by Christian Schonger, a distant cousin, about my now late husband's family and ancestry, the Kranzbühler family, dating back to ca. 1675 and containing some 600 family members (in citations this is called The Kranzbuhler Family)

The report does not contain source information and therefore the data has to be considered carefully.
Some errors have already been found and they may not have been the only ones.

Since ca. 2000, I've finally been in a position to actively research myself and I've been trying to confirm the data above as well as extend it and, of course, I am also researching my own ancestors though so far they prove to be very stubborn :-)

These pages shouldn't contain details for persons living or possibly living other than maybe the name

However, I also included a number of persons or lines which have not yet been linked to the main line(s) on these pages and I'd love to hear from anyone who has information which may lead to finding such links.