The Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible

This is a transcription of the Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible Records which were ordered from Archives Research Services, The Library of Virginia, 800 E. Broad St., Richmond VA 23219. The library accession number is 30414, filed Misc. Reel 700. No publication information was provided for this Bible. The inter-relations between the several families are difficult to interpret. It is possible that Ann J. Garrett of page one may be Ann J. Burruss of page 4. It is also possible that M.E. Garrett of page 4 is Mariah Ellen Goodwin of page 5. William Garrett of page 4 is possibly the father of some of the children whose births are recorded on page 2. The Virginia Library mentions these surnames as appearing in the records of this Bible: Blayton, Francisco, Hart, Lech, Moon, Pendleton, Pleasants, Price, Seift, Terrell, Thompson, Watts, and Winstin. Of particular interest to researchers of slaves held by these families are three loose pages of exactly 100 Slave Records. Text in brackets is my own comments. Please contact me if you know anything about any of these families.

In addition to the actual Bible records, there is a newspaper article of the 22 June ____ marriage of Henry Curtis Hart and Bessie, daughter of William Hugh Goodwin of Louisa Co. VA

I have briefly summarized newspaper obituaries which were included:

1) Mrs. Francis Jane Goodwin, died 20 Mar ____.
2) William Hugh Goodwin, died 12 Apr ____ at 70 years, 6 children living.
3) Collins Hart of Louisa Co. VA, died 13 Aug 1900, age 31, leaves brother, uncle and aunt.
4) Mrs. Lewis Graves Burrus (Roberta Frazer Burrus, life-long resident of Orange Co., died at her home near Lahore on Sunday 25 Jun 1950, just past her 89th birthday, born 8 June 1861 Orange Co., married 29 Nov 1882 to Lewis Graves Burrus who died 1923, had seven children: Natalie, Mrs. Channing Graves who d. 1947; Clara, Mrs. Marshall C. Frazer; Robert Lewis Burrus; Miss Nannie Page Burrus; Dr. Hugh Curan Burrus; Jack Hodges Burrus; and Dick Woolfolk Burrus; 12 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren.
5) Mrs. Francis A. Francisco of Louisa Co. VA, died evening of 2 Apr 1882, aged 53 years.
6) Miss Julia M. Goodwin, age 86, died at her home in Louisa early Wednesday morning, 18 Jan 1950, daughter of late William Hugh and Julia Goodwin of Temperance Grove, born 7 Feb 1864, survived by sister, Mrs. H.C. Hart, numerous nieces and nephews, among whom are Mrs. Julia H. Bray, Miss Edna Goodwin, and Mrs. Bessie H. Burruss.
7) Alfred Duke, died 2 Jul 1890, 84 years, daughter Bettie.
8) Mrs. Henry Curtis Hart, Bessie, daughter of Hugh Goodwin, died 10 p.m. Saturday, 9 July 1904, leaves two little children, husband, father, three sisters and brothers; buried Temperance Grove; sister Mrs. T.B. Winston died a short while ago.
9) Henry Curtis Hart died 28 Jan ____, 77 years, born near Fredericks Hall, son of Jesse Hart and Mary Curtis Hart; he and brother Collins were reared in home of uncle, Mr. Willie Hart of Louisa; first wife was Miss Bessie Goodwin - 2 daughters, Mrs. Julia Bray of Louisa Co. and Mrs. Lewis Burruss of Orange Co. VA; second wife was Miss Marie Goodwin; 4 grandchildren; interred at family cemetery at the Goodwin ancestral home, "Temperance Hall."
10) Mrs. W. Hugh Goodwin died on the 13th inst., 70th year.
11) Mrs. Thos. B. Winston died 3 a.m. Sunday at home near Dunreath; interred 22nd Apr 1904 at Goodwin family burying ground near Bibb's Store, 4 miles north of the town; no children.

The Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible

[First Page]

M.S. Price & J.S. Burruss were married March 7th 1867
M.E. Burruss & G.J. Pleasants were married Feb 24th 1869

[Second Page]

Ann J. Garrett was born August the 23d 1808
Alexander Garrett was born November the 28th 1810
John Garrett was born December the 9 1813
William Garrett was born December the 15 1816
Ashton Norborne Garrett was born July the 28 1819
F.L. Burruss was born the 25 of July 1873

[Third Page]

Mary Elizabeth Burruss was born 5th May 1825
Nicy Ann Burruss was born 11th April 1827
Littleton C. Burruss was born Nov 1829
William E.L. Burruss was born 7th May 1832
John Burruss was born 23rd May 1835
Ashton G. Burruss was born 2nd June 1840
Martha Emma Burruss was born 7th July 1842
Overton Burruss Jr. was born the 20th April 1846
Eli A. Burruss was born 8th June 18[49?]
Mattie L. Burruss was born January 31st 1846
Nancie Baldwin Pleasants was born Nov 8th 1869
Ashton Hamton Pleasants was born March 8th 1872
Ann Eliza Pleasants was born August 24th 1874
Abner Jerdon Pleasants March 8th 1877
Alexander Garrett Pleasants was born August 20th 1881

[Fourth Page]

William Garrett, my father, died August the 14 1817
Departed this life Ashton Garrett June 30th 1860
Elizabeth Garrett died 15th of May 1864
Alexander Garrett died Nov. 13th 1865
Ashton A. [or N.?] Garrett died January 13th 1893
Ann J. Burruss died April 18th 1893
M.E. Garrett died July 18th 1909
Ashton G. Burruss died June 15th 1862
Nancie Baldwin Pleasants died July 17th 1870
Eli A. Burruss died Jan. 2 1918

[Fifth Page]
Family Record, BIRTHS
[very faded]

John C. Goodwin was born 10 Nov 1779
They were married by Absolem Waller [or Wallis?] 27 Jan [or Dec.?] 1803
Their firs daughter F.J. [Frances Jane] Godwin born 7th June 1805
William T. Goodwin born 21st June 1807
John C.G. Goodwin was born 12th Oct 1810
Louisa Anna Goodwin born 2nd Aug 1814
Mary Ann Goodwin born Aug 27th 1815
Robert James Goodwin born 24th June 1818
Mildred B. Goodwin born Feb 16th 1821
Charles Q. Goodwin born May 4th 1824
Mariah Ellen Goodwin born Nov 4th 1826
Edmond P. Goodwin born 2nd Decem 1830
Hugh Goodwin Senr. was born Feb. 27th 1770
His first wife Elizabeth Blayden was born Jan. 25th 1773
Anna Thomson [third name indecipherable] 20 Dec 1783
Robert Lewis Burrus Jr. born Sept. 16 - 1934
Bessie Mae Burrus born April 6 - 1940
Mrs. John C. Goodwin died the 10 of Sept 1907

[Sixth Page]
Family Record, BIRTHS
[very faded]

Wm Goodwin was born January 21st 1791.
Frances Jane Goodwin was born June 7th 1805.
Their daughter Frances Anne Goodwin was born February 17th 1824
Their son John T. [or J.?] Goodwin was born March 31st 1826
Their son William H. Goodwin was born September 22nd 1827
Their twin sons Robert & James were born April 12th 1836 and departed this life the 14th day of the same month.
Their first grandchild Frances B. Francisco was born Jun 11th 1847
Fannie L. Goodwin born October 17th 1859
Mary A. Goodwin daughter of Wm H. and Julia Goodwin Born 30th Dec 1853
Frances T. [or F.] Goodwin born 1st [?] Apr 1856
Wm L. Goodwin born 3rd Dec [or Nov?] 1857
Hugh Goodwin born 2nd July 1859
John C. Goodwin born 23rd Dec[?] 1861
Julia [M.] Goodwin born 7th Feb 1864
Maria Goodwin born [2nd?] Sept 1860
Mollie[?] E. Goodwin born 16 July 18 [cannot read year]
Julia A. Goodwin the wife of William H. Goodwin was born 2nd of May 1827
Edna Goodwin the daughter of John C. Goodwin was born Feb 28th 1900

[Seventh Page]
Family Record, DEATHS
[very faded]

Elizabeth Goodwin wife of Hugh Goodwin senr. Died Dec. 26th 1844
Hugh Goodwin senr died Dec. 26th 1844.
John T. Goodwin departed this life June 6th 1862
Dr Wm Goodwin departed This life 3rd April 1863
Francis Jane Goodwin departed this life 25th March 1891
Julia A. Goodwin wife of Wm Hugh Goodwin departed this life Thursday April 18th 1893
Fannie Winstin the wife of Thomas B. Winstin departed this life Sunday April 24th 1904
Bessie Hart the wife of H.C. Hart departed this life Saturday July 9th 1904
Louisa Anna Goodwin died Oct 9th 1814
Wm T. Goodwin died June 10th 1833
John C. Goodwin died Dec 13th 1845 age 66 years & one month
Annie B. Goodwin consort of the said John C. died Aug 11th 1865 age 81 years and 7 month
Mrs. Frances Thomson who was the mother of Mrs. Anna R.[?] Goodwin [Anna probably 2nd wife of Hugh Goodwin Sr.] died 9th Oct 1844 age 82 years and 2 month
Frances Annie, wife of Dr. B.M. Francisco and daughter of Dr. Hugh and Frances Jane Goodwin departed this life about sunset Sunday April 2nd 1882
John C. Goodwin died 3rd January 1883
William Hugh Goodwin son of Dr. Wm [H.] Goodwin departed this life April 12th 1907
Julia M. Goodwin daughter of Wm. Hugh Goodwin died Jan 18th 1950 age 86

[Eighth Page]
Family Record, MARRIAGES

Wm Goodwin was married to Francs Jane Goodwin the 8th of May 1823
His father Hugh Goodwin senr. was married to Elizabeth Blayden Dec. 22nd 1789
Francs Anne daughter of Wm & Frances J. Goodwin was married to Dr B.M. Francisco 25th of Nov 1846
Wm H. Goodwin was married to Julila Goodwin Jan 27th 1853 [They resided Temperance Grove, Louisa Co. VA.]
John T. Goodwin was married to Bettie V. Terrell 22nd Dec. 1853

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