Cathy's Hillbillies, Confederates and German-Texans

Cathy's Hillbillies, Confederates and German-Texans

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COMING SOON !!! -- Who was the Yellow Rose of Texas? And what was "her role" in my Morgan family?

A little about me -- Cathy Wood Osborn -- I am a 7th generation Texan on my Dad's side, an 8th generation Texan on my Mother's side. I started working on my family history in May of 1987. I got so enthralled with it that I decided to return to college to become a better researcher and writer. I graduated in 1994 with a major in English and minor in History. I never lived anywhere but Texas until my "naturalized Texan" husband who was born in Kansas talked me into buying an RV park in his hometown, Abilene. We are starting our ninth year and loving it. Yes, it does give me more flexibility to do my research, but we WILL be going back to Texas someday!

My surname quarterly, Garrett Folklore and Fact is for all spellings of the name. Kinsey/Coskrey Update is a quarterly that is fairly narrowly focused on two families who converged in Coryell County, Texas after the Civil War.

I am adding links to my lineages and family group records on separate pages. Please scan these surnames/locations for possible connections! Thanks for your patience, and I look forward to hearing from any new cousins! (I'll warn you right now - most of my lines are Southern, but, Yankees, don't dispair - there are a few northern lines!)


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