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Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible Records

This is a transcription of five loose pages which are part of the Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible Records (Library of Virginia, 800 E. Broad St., Richmond VA 23219, accession number 30414, filed Misc. Reel 700, no publication information available). These records are probably the birth records of slaves owned by one or more of the families in the Bible records. They are in a different handwriting than the records in the Bible, possibly written by an overseer. Text in brackets is my own comments. Click here to see a transcript of the Garrett-Burruss-Goodwin Bible records, as they appeared in Garrett Folklore and Fact, Vol. 6, 1998.

When I received the Bible records, I was not not at all prepared for the inclusion of the slave records. I am still awed by their significance. It is my fervent hope that someday I will receive an email from someone who has been helped by these records.


appears to be a Cover Page]

M. John Boldridge, Culpeper, Va., Omohundro [one hundred?]
Slave Sale List, 1837-65 & Farm Records 1864


Hannahs Child Abraham born June 1823
Eves Child George 21st April 1825
Hannahs child Sally summer of 1825
Marys child Joshua Feb 1826
Hannahs child Hembry[?] Sep 1827
Eves child Thornton Sep 1827
Mary, child Charity Ap 1828
Marias child Martha July 1829
Hannah child Julia Nov 1829
Maryes child Roxey Ap 1830
Matilds America Nov 1830
Hannahs child Susan Spring of 1832
Eves child Fanny 1832
Marys child Patsy 1832
Matildas child Agness 1832
Marias child Louisa Winter 1833
Eves child Cilia Feb 1834
Hannahs child Jack 1834
Tills child Edmond 18 [or 28] No 1835
Eves Patsy Feb 1836
Mary, Henry May 1836
Delpheys child Linda 3 Oct 1836
Marias Anderson June 1837
Tills Wilson Jan 1838
Eves 6 born Feb 1838
Delphes Susan 16 March 1838
Eves 7 child Adam 10 Nov 1839
Marias 4th child March 1840 Washington
Linas child 8 Oct 1840 Diana
___phery [Delphey?] 3 child 16 Oct 1840 Isaac
Eves 8 child Mary Letticia 18 No 1840
[Tils?] 5 Rachel No 25 1840
[Linas?] 1st August 1840


Ricos child Nancy born 16 April 1842
Delp[h]eys 4th child Betsy born 6 May 1842
Eves 9th Child Rinda October 1842
Tils 6th child Rhody[?] November 1842
Linas 2nd child Charles 13 february 1843
Delpheys 5th born 5th Nov 1843 Amada
Eves 10 child born Feb 24th 1844
Marys child Fanny Decem 1844
Marias child Alsey[?] 10 Feb 1845
Delpheys Manda born about 15th september 1845
Sallys first child born April 1846
Tils child Judith Oct 1846
Eves child James Oct 1846
Linas child Edy Oct 1846
Delfs 7 child Nov 1846 Emely
Tamas 14th Child Feb 5th 1847
Charitys first 31st March 1847
Sallys child March 1848
Delpheys Emely ["Emely" could be Sally's child above; the name "Eliza Jane" has been crossed out.] May 1848 Emely
Linas child Hanah born Nov 1848
Tils child Barbara Nov 1848
Delelpheys Child born 6th July 1849 Eliza
Charitys 2nd child 15 Oct 1849
Celias first child 17th July 1850
Delpheys second boy Aug 1851 Washington
Julias first child Sept 1851
Cha___ [Charity?] child 21 March 1852
Tils twin children 9th Ap 1852
Linas child Ap 1852
___lias [Celia or Julia?] child May 1852
___ys [Patsey?] first child born about the first of May 1853


Harrits first child Albert 30th Aug 1853
Julas second child born Bettie 17 Oct 1853
Charitys 4th child Maria Louisa born 16th December 1854
Patsys 2nd child born 14th Apr 1855 Henry
Lindas first child 6th June 1855 Virginia
Julas 3rd child 3rd August 1855
Charitys 5 child Victoria 26th September 1856
Julia 4th child Emily 14th November 1856
Linda 2nd child Maria Louisa born 4th August 1857
Susans first child born 5th of Jan 1858
Betseys 1st child born 17th De 1858
Rachels 1st child born 12th Dec [1858?]
Harriets 2nd child born 2nd Jan 1858
Julias 2 boy April 1858
Linda's 3 Child 5th Ap 1859
Patsys 4 Child 6th Ap 1859
Susans 2nd child born 30 May 1859
Harriets 3rd child girl born 11th Oct 1859
Julias 3 girl born 27th Nov 1859
Harrits 4th child Squire born 25th May 1861
Julias child Franky born 31st May 1861
Patsys boy born 13th July 1861
Susans third child boy born 31st July 1861
Linds 4 child born 11th August
Rachs second child bor 11th Aug
both same day 1861 [notation for former two entries]
Rhodas firs child 31st Jan 1862
Lucys firs child 13th Ap 1862


Julias Child Peter born 3rd Jan 1863
Susans Child Isac March 1863
Harras child Alas an [?] Ap 1863
Patsys Chile Jan 31st 1864
Rhodas Child 20th Ap 1864
Lindas boy child born 6th Nov 1864
Susans firs girl born 4th Feb 1865
Harts [Harriet?] Child Randal 1st Mar 1865
Rhoda child born after being free 7th July 1868 set down at her [?]

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