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"He Gains What He Seeks"

The Taylor family crest was created at the time of William the
Conqueror, and the motto " He gains what he seeks and he strikes
what he aims for" Both the crest and motto were brought to
Virginia, by James Taylor , aboard the "Truelove," in the
early 1600's, as a seal ring, the origional which
is still in the possession of a descendant.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WELCOME KINSFOLK and GUESTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"and they built a tabernacle that shall not be taken down"

This is the home of Ann's Serendipity-do-da. I am a Taylor researcher.
Here you will find the Taylor legacy has been a blessing in my
life and should prove to be a blessing for years to come.
You are encouraged to send suggestions, comments, and your Taylor connection.
Keep in mind there's a Taylor within ten minutes of you
no matter where you go. Let's go.

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This site is dedicated to the memory of my precious parents, M/Sgt
Ernest S. Taylor and Clara Berniece Austin Taylor, and to my
beloved brother, Parker, who is an inspiration in my life, and to
the Taylors to come~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Isaiah 4:6

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Special thanks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" God is up to something and Jesus makes me laugh."

To my ancestors, who made it possible, to the compilers of "The
Taylor's of Tabernacle,The History of a Family, Vol 1 (1958)
Vol 11 (1983) and those currently working on Vol 3., to my family
and friends, who has walked through high grass in the rain and mud,
spent endless hours in archives and librarys, and a very special thanks
goes to John Godwin, who took my ideas and brought them to life
on these pages,(even while playing in the butterbean patch).
You can find him under "Links".


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Ann Taylor Corbin

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