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Most everyone has been touched by the Polish culture. Whether eating Polish sausage (kielbasa), dancing a polka, enjoying some classical music, or just reading about history.

For those who are Polish, it is a celebration of our inheritance from the history that our ancestors passed onto us. Many ethnic poles are now citizens of other countries and mostly born outside of Poland. And, some have married a different ethnic spouse. But, the tradition's they associate with Poland through their ancestors, remains a part of their soul. They celebrate by retaining some of the old and creating their own new evolving culture.

In this section, we focus on some of the old and the new culture of Polish society through music, food, traditions, and customs.

- An important and unique part of one's heritage are the customs carried forward by generations. Learn about old customs and those of the new Polish societies on subjects such as; Arts, History, Holidays, Literature and more.

Music & Dance
- Music soothing to listen to and music that'll make you happy and want to dance. Play our selection of polkas and classical tunes of Chopin.

Food & Recipes
- Food you love to eat and cook. We have resources to Polish food related sites and our Recipe Box you can choose from.

Pictorial Poland
- Visual resources on the cities, villages and landscape of Poland. Visit these sites and learn why Poland has become a favorite destination for tourists.

Special Destinations
- We've picked some special destination sites that you may want to visit. These sites cover a various subjects that are worth the time to visit them and learn what they have to offer.

Christmas Remembered
- The spirit of Christmas is a celebration each day at ATPC. Join us in remembering the sounds and sights of this special holiday. Share "Christmas Remembered" articles from our viewers, then share one of your own with us.

Polish Craft Art

Wooden Decorative Plates

Polish Wycinanki
(Learn history of Paper Cutouts)

Porcelain Pottery

Other recommended resources:
  • Ministerstwo Kultury - Poland's official Ministry of Culture site. Includes links and contacts for many resources on this subject.
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