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Much of what we do can be related to another time. Customs are like that as each generation passes onto it's children their parents customs as well as some new ones they add or modify to meet their own needs. And, for many, what you may learn here might be new to you as at some point in time your family no longer practiced them.

Pottery: Beautify & useful
Twins of Polish Pottery

Vintage Polish Folk Costumes for purchase
Costumes -Perfekt

Painting by Jozef Brandt (1841-1915)
Galeria Malarstwa Polskiego

Poster by Maciej Uraniec
Posters -mrposter.com

Old wash boards
Farming in Eastern Poland - Rural Lubelskie

Wycinanki paper art
Perfekt Krakow.pl

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Poland Public Holidays
- New Year
- Easter Sunday
- Labour Day
- Constitution Day
- Corpus Christi
- Assumption of Virgin Mary
- National Day
- Christmas

Traditional Days

  • Dyngus Day
  • Wigilia

    The "Black Madonna" or Our Lady of Czestochowa. Visit the National Shrine to [Learn More]
  • Arts artist brush
  • Cartoons -Arthur Szyk - Examples of his work. He created a number of cover pages for Collier's magazine.

    See "Images" - Polish Subject Index Library.

  • Photography, Jan Berdak - Gallary of his work.
  • Galeria Malarstwa Polskiego - Photos of historical Polish artists.

    Painting & Sculptures:

  • Collection, Warsaw Museum - Several galleries of Polish and non-Polish art collection.
  • Galeria Malarstwa Polskiego - Very nice collection of artist paintings mainly in pre-1900 period.
  • Gallary Master Pieces - Contemporary arts and music.
  • Galeria Milano - Displaying paintings, sculptor and other art forms.
  • Kings, Pl -Polish Gen Project - Painted portraits of Kings in Poland's history.
  • Photography, Jan Berdak

    Paper cutting:

  • Wycinanki - Then and Now - The history of making paper art which dates back to the 1600s in China.
  • Wycinanki: Polish Papercutting by Madalyn Joyce - Madalyn's site covers this subject in detail and how to make them.
  • Wycinanki: Various Examples of this Art - (1) (2) (3)

    Poster art:

  • Posters -mrposter.com - Poster art, the theater, advertising and other media posters.
  • Posters -poster.com.pl


  • Twins Polish Pottery - This link takes you to their History of Polish Pottery page. Afterwards, browse their site to view some fantastic artwork that is useful, and can be purchased.
  • Polish Pottery Store - A wide variety of useful and decorative items.
  • Polish Pottery.com - If you have to have one, you can buy it here.
  • Pacific Northwest Polish Pottery" - Another place, buy one or just browse the beautiful crafts from Poland.

    Wood crafts:

  • Podhale - A very nice site covering this area of Poland. It's worth taking a little time to browsing around the site for music, glass, maps, poetry and more!
  • Kraftmasters.com - Polish wooden figures available for purchase.


  • Digital art by -Donajski - See the work of contemporary Polish artists.
  • Creative-I-Site -Henryk Gajewski - contemporary works by various age groups.
  • Polish Treasures - Nice site to browse for a wide variety of Polish art and other items for purchase.
  • Polish Easter Traditions - Pisanki, the art of Polish egg decorating.

  • History of Lajkonik Suite - Krakowiak National Dance - Learn the history of this special celebration?
  • Nobility -Kresy.co.uk - What was sheik to wear in the 1800s?
  • Book: Polish Folk Costumes - Read and learn about the Polish costume history.
  • Costumes -Perfekt - View regional costumes of Poland that can be purchased.
  • Polish Folk Resource - Excellent collection of sites you'll want to visit.

    Historical Life
  • Old Homes of New Americans - A "1913" book explaining the Austro-Hungarians (including Poles) to the people of America.
  • Life of a Polish peasant 1900c - An accounting of what life was like for many peasants.
  • Poland's culture/history/cities -Polska in NY - Take a brief trip into Poland provided by the Polish National Tourist Office.
  • Farming in Eastern Poland - A very nice presentation of Poland's farming community in past and present. Also see A Polish Calendar for insight into a Pole's yearly events.
  • Jews, Present Day -LNT Poland - A Jewish perspective regarding conditions of today that has made renewal of Jewish life in Poland possible.
  • Myths, legend -Kresy.co.uk - Myths are universal, but each country has their own special ones.
  • Polish Heraldry and Nobility - A brief explanation of the history of Polish nobility from the Order of St. Stanislas.
  • Traditional Polish Wedding -PAC - The sharing of bread, salt and wine.

    Holidays Holy Day
  • Christmas: ATPC Page! - Hear the sounds and see the sites of Christmas Remembered. Additional Christmas links are on this page.
  • Wigilia - A Family Tradition - Article by Irene Wojcik Gabon on her family's Wigilia tradition.
  • Dyngus Day - Easter Monday celebration of the birth of Catholicism in Poland.
  • Easter - All the associated special days of Easter are cover here.
  • Easter: Global Gourmet - Well done with story by Judy McCann recalling Easter traditions and lots of good recipes.
  • Holidays: Dates - Check for date of the next Polish holiday.
  • Holidays: meaning by NewPoland - Very nice reference on the history of Polish holidays.
  • Traditional by PGSA - Also, a good reference.
  • Traditions & Customs by Krysy - Very nice coverage of customs; Harvest Festival, Old Traditions, Weddings, Food.

    Literature The Word
  • Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm (contemporary author)
  • Polish Writing Net
  • Politics of Literature by Carl Tighe
  • Virtual Library of Polish Literature - Biographies of Polish authors by title and author.
  • Polish Nobelists in Literature - A part of the Think Quest site where students do the creation.
  • Polish Nobelists in Literature
  • Polish Literature Resources (OnLineEnglish)

    Books, Journals & Misc:

  • Polish books(Pl) -bibliot
  • Polish books -Polonia
  • Lyric and Society: Western Theory and Polish Practice - abstract of paper presented at 1999 AATSEEL National Meeting by Clare Cavanagh regarding the role of lyrics in modern Polish history.
  • Polish Literature from 1795: An Introduction - Leszek Szaruga writes on how literature in Poland has been influenced by historical issues. In his words, "Polish literature is torn between its social duties and its literary obligations."
  • Polish Lang./Lit., U.Toronto
  • Sarmatian Review -Polish Inst. Houston
  • StaroPolska On-Line
  • Medieval Poland Literature


  • Polska2000 - Literature - The Polish Literary Fund with a goal of translating Polish literature into other languages.
  • Polska2000 - Literature
  • Joseph Conrad Foundation

    Poems, Prose and writings:

  • Polish Poems in English - This lovely site was created by Ewa and thankfully, she features several poems in English by two her favorite poets, Adam Mickiewicz and Halina Poswiatowska.
  • Poems by Zbigniew Herbert (1924-1998) - Some works posted on "The New Presence" online page for one of Poland's foremost contemporary poets.
  • Poems in Polish - Large collections of poems by over 200 Polish poets. Includes epic verses and songs.
  • Polish Poetry & Prose - Hundreds of Polish poetry presented by "Pegasus -The WWW Library" of various contemporary poets.
  • Polish Literature - Large collection of poems and prose by Polish authors in English.
  • Polish Writing Net - Provides an index of prose and poetry available in English from Poland.
  • Poems, by Czeslaw Milosz
  • Polish Prose, -Pegasus

    Index Sites:
    + Poland Literature -Slavphilia

  • Polska Biesiada(Pl) - Includes poems, music and more. Very extensive.
  • Dogs: Lowland Sheep - Makes an excellent family pet whether your Polish or not.
  • Formal Dining Equitte - from Polish Chivalry by Order of St. Stanislas
  • Horses: Polish Arabian - One of the more popular horse breeds.
  • Poultry - Meet "Leroy Brown", my Gold-laced Polish.

  • Related resources

    Polish Subject Library - Index to various subjects on Polish related sites.
    Famous Poles - Listing of people of Polish ethnic origin who distinguished themselves.
    Pictorial Poland - Link to resources extensive in photos of Poland.

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