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Food should be an adventure. Always looking for a fresh new taste or a slight change from our customary nourishment at the table. In this spirit, check out our Polish Recipe Box for that new or slightly different taste.

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    What we eat and how we prepare it may be clue to someone trying to locate where their family may have originated from. If you know, include the origins of your family recipe.

    Include your surnames so they can be referenced on your recipe page for possible new connections. Also, share your personal comments about why this recipe is special to you. You can even include a photo related to your recipe. A family dinner gathering, the food itself, or that special person that shared this recipe with you.

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Chleb (bread)
Deser (dessert)

Placek - Marsha Brown Castro
Chruschiki - Katrina Lehrner

Off site desert/cake recipes:

  • Plazek, Polish coffee cake
  • Placek Swiateczny
  • Polish Babka (placek)
  • Mie~sa (meats)
    Dro~b (poultry)

    Kielbasa with Kraut - Valerie Koselka
    Meatballs (sirloin/veal/pork) - Valerie Koselka

    Off site meat recipes:

  • Kielbasa Casserole/crocked
  • Kielbasa with potato(baked), fruit salad, bread
  • Kielbasa with potato (gratin)
  • Kielbasa with salad/potato/cabbage/mustard
  • Kielbasa Sweet and spicy
  • Kielbasa with veggies
  • Stuffed Cabbage
  • Slovak Stuffed Cabbage
  • Pierogi (stuffed dumpling pockets)

  • What are they?
  • Their history?
    [Learn More]

  • Pierogi with Sauerkraut & Turkey Filling - Irene Wojcik Gabon
    Pierogi with Mashed Potatoes mixed with Cottage Cheese - Mary Pate
    Pierogi special Dough & Fillings - Janice Chlosta Bonk
    Pierogi Dough & Fillings(Cheese/Mushroom/Kapusta) - Katrina Lehrner
    Lazy Pierogi Casserole - Joanna Szpetman

    Off site pierogi recipes:

  • Dough
  • Casserole/pastarecipe.com
  • Casserole/umdnj.edu
  • Cutter/hunkbills.com
  • Purchase premade/milliespierogi.com
  • Purchase/premade/pierogi_palace
  • Kluski(noodle), Zupy(soup) and Miscellaneous

    Dill Pickles - Valerie Koselka
    Garaleta Headcheese - Irena Wojcik Gabon
    Kluski - Katrina Lehrner
    Chicken Soup - Valerie Koselka
    Mushroom Borscht - Janice Chlosta Bonk
    Nalesniki - Irena Wojcik Gabon
    Placki, Pototo Pancakes - Irena Wojcik Gabon
    Stewed Sauerkraut - Krystyna Tabaka

    Off site recipes:

  • Kluski Kapusta Po
  • Kluski Pierogi
  • Kluski Z Makiem I
  • Polish Easter Egg Soup
  • Polish Food Glossary - Polish names/terms with English descriptions.

    Paczski?Fat Tuesday!Learn More(1)(2)(3)(4)

    Links to Polish recipe websites on the internet:
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  • SOAR - Polish Recipes (over 70)

    Polish Restaurants to try:
    Do you have a favorite restaurant for Polish food? Share it here as a resource for our traveling viewers to try when in that area. (Email it's web site URL or actual location to ATPC - Polish Restaurants and we'll post it here.


  • Search by Location Citysearch - This link takes you to the Restaurant & Bar search page. Just enter "Polish Food" and a location. It lists available places serving Polish food, including a map to find it's location.


  • List of locations - Restaurants.pl
  • Kasimierz Dolny Area

    United States

  • IL/Chicago List of locations
  • MI/Cross Village - Leggs Inn (excellent, a short drive from Traverse City)
  • MI/Hamtramck - Holbrook Cafe
  • NJ/Jersey City - Tania's
  • NJ/Manville - Pyka's

    Places to order food online:
  • Euro-Gourmet
  • Mareva's Gourmet Foods - Pierogi
  • Polana - A Polish Experience
  • PolishKitchem.com

    Useful food resources:
  • The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network
  • The International Guild of Professional Butlers (ethiquette)
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (check latest up dates)
  • The Food Timeline (food history)
  • Glossary of Medieval & Renaissance Culinary Terms
  • Michigan State University (preserving food)
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