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"Like the changing of seasons, each generation brings forth new growth and our roots grow deeper. Our season of growth is now. Let us celebrate our ancestry by preparing it for the next generation to carry forward."

Poznan Bydgoszcz
Warszawa Krakow
a-treeseasons.gif Tamow Przemysl
Torun Opole


is a celebration of our ancestors; their history, their culture, and their memories. Information on Poland's history is necessary to understand the events that contributed to defining their heritage. Over time, traditions have been slightly modified by each generation based on contemporary conditions while remaining faithful to it's essence. We will present some of facts of Poland's record history as well as the personal memories of family history. We hope you will enjoy this section as much as we did in preparing it for presentation.

Ancestral Photo Library - Main Page
Photos from our viewers of their ancestors. Includes page, "Ancestors, My Oldest Snapshot", where you can add your own favorite photo from the past.

Articles Library - Main Page
Viewer submitted articles related to history, either family or Polish in general. Learn from the experiences and thoughts. Then consider contributing an article of your own.

Culture Library - Main Page
Culture is the composition the aspects of how we live. In is a gift of inheritance from from one generation to the next that is constantly up dated to the present. Learn about the traditional Polish customs, music, and food that were a large part of the life of your ancestors.

History Library - Main Page
Poland has a significant history due to it's location in Central Europe. Rooted back to slavic origins in the Medevil Period, it's has experienced many transitions. The history of Poland is an evolution of change politically, geographically and socially.

Polish Glossary/Guide..... Quick help index reference.

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