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Learning: Polish Language

Polish is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Our goal here is not to teach you the Polish language, but to give you enough of an undertanding that will help you in doing your genealogy research.

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Polish Alphabet
Provides a table of Polish alphabet and reviews how it is different the English alphabet. Included are audio files with examples of how some words written in Polish would sound.

Polish/English Common Word Translations
A reference table of many common words and phrases that may be useful in translating documents. Indexed by both Polish and English.

Related resources:
  1. A Grammar of the Polish Language - Excellent Polish language resource from Grzegorz Jagodzin~ski. (highly recommended)
  2. Polish Language Course - Excellent as a study aid in learning Polish from Piotr Pikuta, includes audio files.
  3. Pronunciation of some Polish names - Audio files for some well-known Poles.
  4. Internet Museum of Polish People's Republic - Listen to Polish audio recordings or video recordings of Poles.
  5. Polish for All
  6. Polish & Russian Napoleonic Translation Aids - Jack Bowman
  7. PolishLesson-L
  8. Polish and Cyrlic Fonts
  9. Polish Alphabet on the Internet
  10. Word Pronunciations
  11. Hear It
  12. Real Names
  13. Given Names
  14. Dictionary

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