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Language, Culture, History and Self-Improvement

Welcome to the Learning Center
... where you can tutor yourself on Polish language, heritage and culture, or enjoy motivational self-help articles. There is much to learn about our heritage and ourselves that can help to enrich our daily enjoyment of life.

We invite you... to be a student of knowledge as well as being a teacher by sharing additional materials here for our community.

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Polish Language
A basic understanding of the Polish language. How the Polish alphabet is different from an English alphabet. Includes audio files to hear how some Polish words sound.

Polish Names
Learn about Polish naming conventions, how they may have changed and what their meaning or origin may be.

Self-help Articles
Articles to help you with motivation or improving your outlook on life.

Polish Learning Tutors
Tutors in the form of quizzes to help you learn Polish subjects such as language, history and culture.

Other resources:
Articles in Genealogy Center
A variety of articles pertaining to genealogy (some are linked on this page).
Articles in Hertiage Center
Articles on culture, history, geography and more.
  • Polish Language Course
    Excellent as a study aid in learning Polish from Piotr Pikuta, includes audio files.
  • Polish Fonts, Software, Keyboard by Finger Tip Software
    Some basic tools for communicating and learning Polish.
  • Polish Language by Travlang
    Includes data on Polish language in use around the world and a table of Polish alphabet with examples of how it sounds in Polish.
  • Polish Lessons-L
    Subscribe to a LIST mailing group. Web site also have some good references on the Polish language.
  • Genealogy Research Associates
    Free online genealogy lessons for beginners.