William Talbot

M, #370, b. 4 May 1918, d. 11 December 1941

william talbot (2)

FatherStanley Talbot b. 1891, d. 28 Dec 1937
MotherAlice Eliza Howarth b. Aug 1894, d. 25 Sep 1919
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Relationship Father of Ronald William Talbot.

Note*WW11 1941 William Talbot Served on the HM Trawler Lady Shirley Royal Navy Patrol Service
Lt/KX 120730


Lady Shirley and U boat 111
Lady Shirley was part of the 31st A/S Group and was stationed and operated from Gibralter with the trawlers Erin of 7th A/S GP and Lady Hogarth, Lady shirley was a escort / patrol trawler.she was fitted with Asdic anti-submarine dome. October 4 1941 found Lady Shirley on lone patrol South of the Canaries the Lookout spotted something that looked like a ships funnel and reported it to Watch officer Sub Lieutenant French. French went to investigate and as he observed the object it dissapeared. It could have been a funnel or the conning tower of a U boat, Shirley`s captain immediately altered course to head for the position. Having a positive contact from the Asdic equipment Lady Shirley went into attack. A pattern of depth charges were dropped and shortly afterwards to the stern of Lady shirley a U boat surfaced, Lady Shirley turned hard to port to bring the 4 inch gun to bear on the U boat, as Lady Shirley`s point five guns opened fire they were answered by a stream of cannon shells. The four inch gun fired but was a near miss, the U boat fired at the same time and tracer flasheds went everywhere. This burst of tracer mortally wounded the gun layer, Seaman Pizzey who was hit by a cannon shell, he called out "they`ve got me !" he staggered back, collapsed and died. A replacement quickly took over as gun layer and another shot was fired, all the while the Hotchkiss gunners firing at the U boat. The crew of lady Shirley could not understand why the U boat had not returned fire with it`s big gun. The U boat crew started to abandon ship and very quickly afterwards the U boat sank. All the Germans were taken aboard from the water 45 in total, 8 were unaccounted for including the captain. On the voyage back to Gibralter that afternoon a Funeral service was held for Seaman Pizzey, another sevice was held the day after for a wounded German.

After 4 days sailing Lady Shirley arrived back in Gibralter to a hero`s welcome, Winston Churchill cabled his personal congratulations to Lady Shirley. Lieutenant Commander Callaway was awarded an immediate DSO 'For daring and skill in a brilliant action against a U boat in which the Enemy was sunk and surrendered, to H.M.T Lady Shirley.

December 1941 The Loss of Lady Shirley

Except for the wounded and a couple of crew replacements : Sub Lieutenant Allan Waller been one , the crew was virtually the same as for the victory over the U boat. In early December there had been some U boat activety in the Straits so four trawlers were detailed to do a sweep, Lady Shirley and St Nectan were two of these trawlers. At 3.45 am on Dec 11th Lieutenant Osborne came on watch on the St Nectan, he looked across at Lady Shirly who was about half a mile off on station, a sudden rain squall descended the two trawlers lasting for approximately 25 minutes, when it cleared Lieutenant Osborne looked again at lady Shirley at 4.10 am, Lady Shirley had vanished. Nothing more was heared or seen of Lady Shirley, or her four officers and twenty nine men.. Although it is claimed that a U boat sunk Lady Shirley there is no evidence of this, one possibility surfaced in January 1942. Three trawlers moored in Gibralter, Erin, Little Hojo, and the Imperialist, the middle trawler of the three exploded, causing fire damage to the other two trawlers. It was found a time bomb had been placed on a depth charge on Erin, this had been carried out by a Spanish agent for the Germans. Could this have been done to the Lady Shirley. WW11 1941.1
lady shirley's officers
Birth*4 May 1918 He was born on 4 May 1918 at 32 Albert Street, Dalton In Furness Lancashire, England.2
(Witness) Death28 December 1937 He witnessed the death of Stanley Talbot on 28 December 1937; Oldchurch Road Romford, Essex, Cause of death Byocardial Degeneration.
Residence*3 June 1939 William Talbot lived on 3 June 1939 at 88 Temple St, Chorlton on Medlock,, Manchester, England. 
Marriage*3 June 1939 He married Ivy Appleton, daughter of Joshua Appleton and Elizabeth Emma Heathcote, on 3 June 1939 at Manchester, England.3
Occupation*between 1940 and 1941 William Talbot was (Sailor )Navy number LT/KX 120730 between 1940 and 1941 at Sailor Navy number LT/KX 120730.
william talbot on the right
Death*11 December 1941 He died on 11 December 1941 at at sea WW11, Lowestoft Naval Memorial Suffolk Panel 7 Column 23, at age 23. 


Ivy Appleton b. 18 September 1920, d. 28 September 1991


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