A JOURNEY BACK IN TIME - Winifred Miller

Winifred Miller

F, #628, b. 1892

FatherThomas Miller b. 1857
MotherSelina Heathcote b. 6 Oct 1866
Winifred Miller|b. 1892|p615.htm|Thomas Miller|b. 1857|p614.htm|Selina Heathcote|b. 6 Oct 1866|p232.htm|||||||Henry Heathcote|b. 23 Mar 1844|p229.htm|Amelia Doddemeade|b. 22 Dec 1840|p129.htm|

Charts Decendents of John Heathcoat
Relationship 1st cousin 2 times removed of Ronald William Talbot.

Birth*1892 Winifred Miller was born in 1892 at Ashford, Derby, England.