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UPDATE - 2009

We have been warned that Yahoo is closing all the free Geocities accounts later this year.

I have had a Geocities site with some local history information - I am presently trying to move them all here.

The first is a history of my old primary school, Rozelle Public School on the Balmain peninsular, Sydney

As I upload the remaining pages I'll note them here


I became interested in family history in the 1970's when a cousin had our Scottish history traced by a Scots research company, he kindly gave a copy to my mother - I was wrapt, I've always loved history and this brought it alive

Luckily I sat both parents down there and then and got a list of all the relatives they could remember. (Both parents have since passed away)

I put it all aside until the Australian Bicentenary was due in 1988 and thought it would be nice to have a completed tree for it

I didn't know then that family trees are never completed


My cousin, Douglas Spalding, whose Scottish research started me on what has almost become a way of life.

Marion Mackay who has researched the Mackay family

My father, Eric Mackay, and my mum, Myrtle (Spalding) Mackay, who patiently listened to my discoveries but didn't really understand why I wanted to "bother with that old stuff"


During my years on the internet I've discovered several people researching various branches of my family, I'd like to thank them for sharing their information and allowing me to include some of it here. I'd also like to thank the many family members I've pestered over the years, both on and off the web.

Lindsay Swadling - not a relative, but Lindsay has researched many Swadling names in Australia and helped with my Swadling line

Lindsay had a home page here but the link doesn't seem to be working

Chris O'Sullivan - Has a web site for the Asquith line, and is preparing a CD for distribution - update: home page is no longer connecting, unable to find a new link

Barry Sylva - Barry is investigating the Sylva name

Kathleen Emmerton - Australian descendant of William & Ann McDonald Spalding through their son William - Kathleen has been researching the Matthews family in Tasmania

Bronwen Koka - Bronwen and I have tried for several years to find the missing link between our Chapman families

Anne Kent - Anne is connected with the Chapman family

Bruce Hanna - has a web site connected with the Hanna/McDonald/Spalding family

Sharryn Phillips - Australian descendant of William & Ann McDonald Spalding, through their son John

Catherine Williams from Willoughby Historical Society who has researched the family of Robert William Carr and his links to the French family (of Frenchs Forest, NSW) and produced a booklet called 'A French Connection'

Kim Mitchell in Queensland who answered one of my pleas to GENANZ and was kind enough to spend time in her Queensland library looking for information on Thomas Spalding

A chance encounter on the Rootsweb Lanark mailing list led me to Jack Mills in Paisley, who has been kind enough to assist with some Scottish research on the Spaldings.


If family members would like downloads suitable for printing, please email and I can send you a larger scan

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