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Note 1: in the following tables, SOURCE refers to either the Sydney Gazette, the NSW Government Gazette, the NSW, Victorian, South Australian, WA, Tasmanin or New Zealand Police Gazettes. The source for all  desertions prior to 6 March 1862 is the NSW Government Gazette unless otherwise stated. The source for desertions after 6 March 1862 is the NSW Police Gazette unless otherwise stated.

Note 2: over 1,500 RN sailors deserted between 1788-1870 and over 3,500 RN sailors deserted between 1871-1900. Over 400 Royal Marines deserted between 1871 - 1900.

Note 3: while every effort has been made to minimise typing errors, Place Names proved a challenge. Please send me an email if you believe a Place name is incorrect.

RN Deserters and Australian Colonial Navy Deserters -

1788 - 1870        B   C   D  E    F     H    IJ    K       M       O    PQ    R    S      UV    W    XYZ

1871 - 1900   Ab-Am  An-Az    Ba_Bd   Be-Bi   Bj-Bp   Br   Bs-Bz   Ca-Cd   Ce-Cl   Cm-Co    Cp-Cz 
                                Da_De   Df-Dz    E   Fa-Fi   Fj-Fz   Ga-Go   Gp-Gz   Haa-Har    Has-He   Hf-Ho   Hp-Hz
                                I   J    K  La-Lk    Ll-Lz   Maa-Mas   Mat-Mc   Md-Mi   Mj-Mz   N   O    Pa-Pe   Pf-Po   Pp-Pz
                                Q  Ra-Ri   Rj-Rz  Sa-Sh  Si-Sm   Sn-Sto   Str-Sz   Ta-To   Tp-Tz  U  V   Wa-Wd  We-Wh   Wi-Wz
   XY   Z

Royal Marine Deserters -   A-B    C-G   H-M   N-R    S-Z


References: the above data has been obtained from the book - Ships Deserters 1870-1900 by J. Milton.