Mareeba Historic Society has just completed a five year plan of projects to be done. In 2007 it is hoped that a dedication to the 100 years of James Venture MULLIGAN'S death will take place at his grave at Mt Molloy Cemetery, Mt Molloy, Far North Queensland, Australia. The society hopes also to dedicate a Lynch Gate to the late Peter Justice, local historian, at the same time.

At the same time it is hoped that the family of James Venture Mulligan will hold a family reunion and join in with family trees, family history and family stories, photos etc at the same time, making it a fulfilling occasion. Anyone reading this can contact Helen at: for further information.

Meanwhile Mareeba Historic Society will be researching, photographing, recording M.Is (Monumental Inscriptions) of all the cemeteries in the Mareeba Shire. As this is a huge Shire and there are many cemeteries, it will probably take the five years planned to complete them all. Costin Street Pioneer Cemetery is already complete with an Honour Roll in the rotunda and all the MIs recorded. One down, about 21 to go!

Next year the Society will be celebrating its 10th Birthday and during the month of July will be holding Open Days and different exhibitions displaying many photos and maps of Mareeba's bygone days. Our genealogy section of the society are planning a great display of family trees of some of the local personalities. We have just started to plan these events and if anyone has any suggestions, or if you would like to register your interest, please contact us. We will post regular updates on events happening.

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