Our mission is to make available online a treasure trove of family history amassed by our parents and left to us, their four children. 


     Our father, Burton Wright AVERY (1915-1999) inherited over 4 generations of his family’s records, including photographs, diaries, and pre- and post- civil war letters, some dating back to the 1830’s. Our mother, Barbara Mary GOODWIN and her sister-in-law Betty WHEATON (married to Burton’s brother, Paul AVERY) collaborated to preserve and to transcribe the Avery family diaries and letters, and to trace the Avery genealogy.  Both became smitten with the genealogy bug; both expanded their research to their own respective family lines as well.  With Burton’s support, Barbara visited and photographed historical sites and cemetery stones; and she corresponded with genealogists around the globe, both personally and through genealogical newsletters. Her gift for storytelling brought ancestors to life. She felt as though she knew them personally.  Many of the “stories” added to this site will bear her name as the author. 


     Our cousin Kevin, Aunt Betty’s son, carried on his mother’s work after her death, and collaborated with our mother as well, eventually converting the combined genealogy data to digital storage, and continuing to search for public records, cemeteries, and other sources to document and expand the family record. 


     We are extremely grateful to Kevin for his generosity in sharing his years of tedious work with us.  Likewise our cousin Susan GOODWIN has expanded upon her Aunt Barbara’s work, and shared her own genealogy research with us and others.  We are grateful to our cousins and to all who share in the love of family and of family history.  

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