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The greater part of our happiness or misery 
depends on our dispositions
and not on our circumstances.

Martha Washington

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Ada Young's Home Page. Started November 2000. Added to and changed umpteen times.

Young at Heart

Slightly Older in Other Areas

April, 2000 we took our 50th anniversary 
cruise on the Regal Princess Line to Hawaii
 with family and friends.  We sailed from 
Encenada, Mexico to Hilo Hawaii, then 
to Kona, also on the Big Island.  One day 
in Maui, one day in Kauai and on to Oahu.  
The picture here is of the Princess Kaiulani
Hotel across from Wakiki Beach in Oahu, 
where we stayed one night.

June 3, 2000 we celebrated our

50th Anniversary.

We were married in St. Francis de Sales Church in Lansing, KS. Our first home was at 833 Tauromee in Kansas City, KS.

Gene Young, the better half, is a portrait artist when he has time. Below is a portrait of his mother, Edith, taken from a cepia photograph when she was about 19. We never knew the color of the hat but think the pink looks great. We also think she was looking over his shoulder when he painted this.

Frances Edith Westhorpe was born in Yankton, SD March 28, 1898 and died June 6, 1980 in Lansing, KS. She came to Lansing to visit a friend and met a handsome fellow named Frank Young. The rest is history.

I would like thank John Bennett who taught me how to build a 
He is one of the instructors for the SENIOR SURFERS.  
To find out more about them just click here. 


Here's another link I really like and think you will enjoy too.

Saints and Heroes.

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Dang Good Jokes. You can get to there from here: JOKES



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