The Internet Home of the Ames-Mammana-Celis Clan
Hawaii, 2004

Wedding day, 2004. Anaeho'omalu Bay, Hawaii. © 2004 Kris Anderson

Welcome to our home on the Rootsweb range.

I had hoped to "update this page every so often," but I think it has been almost four years since I did anything here. A lot has happened in those four years. I've been busy.

Here's the plan: We'll try to let the kids build pages and maybe Karen will want a page of her own to play with. You can come here to see what's up in our lives.

As we add things to the site, we will use this page to notify you of what's new.

Right now, this is all you get.

Oh, those ads at the top and bottom of the page are what makes this webspace free for me, so I'll put up with it. Hopefully, you will, too. If you click on it, it takes you to

Well, that's all for now. If you want to e-mail us, we're at

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