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The Family covers English,German,Dutch and Canadian members. It has 231 names and several photos. It was composed by Reunion on a Power Mac

Like all families, it has many mysteries. My father is the best example. I have done my best to trace his life and times.

I'm pretty sure I know when he was born and when he died. I found him in Peterborough Ontario when he was about 20 years old. He worked, I believe, at a newspaper there. He must have met my mother sometime in 1910. They were married in October of that year. I was born in 1912. He joined the Canadian Army in 1915. He went to Bermuda as a bandsman and in 1916 he enlisted for overseas combat. He arrived back in Halifax NS in 1919. I was mostly raised by my maternal grandparents because my mother died in 1924. My father remarried in 1926 and moved to the U.S. He finally settled in Oceanside CA where he operated a printing business until he died. In all the documents I have studied, I cannot find his place of birth or the names of his parents.

Here are some of the other names which have their own mysteries:


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