Genealogy of these families: Bach, Back, Beck and Peck
Genealogy of the Bach (Back) Family


Do you have ancestors with the last name of Bach, or Back, who came from southeastern Kentucky?

Or, do you have ancestors with the last name of Back, Beck, or Peck, who came from southwestern Virginia?

All of these last names are used, within your family.

Your family originally came from Thuringia, Germany: Thuringia is one of the sixteen states in Germany, and it is located near the middle of the country (see the map below).

Map of Thuringia PLEASE NOTE: Your family did NOT come from Freudenberg, Germany, and so you are NOT related to Harman Back (aka Hermann Bach), who settled in Little Fork, Virginia. That ridiculous story was created out of thin air, in 1994, just to sell a fraudulent genealogy, and there is not one piece of evidence to support it.

Hundreds of years ago, back in Thuringia, everyone in your family spelled their last name as "Bach."

But when several members of your family (including two brothers and their cousin) sailed to America, in 1740, their last names were written down as "Beck," on the passenger list. This happened because they spoke German, and the person who wrote down their names on that list was obviously not German, and so he wrote down their names as he heard them, phonetically.

These three men (one of whom was your direct ancestor) first settled on some land along Crooked Creek (also known as Meander Run), which is in the far southern part of what was then Orange County, Virginia. That land became Culpeper County, in 1749; and it became Madison County, in 1792. They lived near where the creek flowed into the Robinson River.

Around 1772, two of these men migrated to southwestern Virginia. One of them settled in what later became Russell County, and he used the last name of "Back." His descendants also used the last name of "Back." The other man settled in what later became Smyth County. He first used the last name of "Beck," but he later used the last name of "Peck." It is suspected that his strong German accent caused people to think that he said "Peck," and so he was known as "Peck." His descendants also used the last name of "Peck."

The third man remained in Culpeper County, and he used the last name of "Back." His descendants also used the last name of "Back." After he died, his son Joseph Back, who was then about 46 years old, (and his wife and children) migrated to southeastern Kentucky, in 1791. About one hundred years later, some of Joseph Back's descendants started reverting back to using the original spelling of their last name ("Bach").

Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of "Back" and "Bach" descendants living in America, along with some "Peck" and "Beck" descendants. If you think one of your ancestors came from southwestern Virginia, or southeastern Kentucky, they probably descend from one of these three men.

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