I have corresponded with many wonderful genealogy researchers over the years. Without their help, much of this project would not have been possible.  The following researchers have contributed information.  Once again, I am remiss in keeping track, so if I have missed anyone, please let me know.  If you would like to be added to this list, send me an e-mail, any and all are welcome.

Lippincott Family Darrell Lippincott
Ayars Family Walter Ayars
Garrison/Cochran/Stites/Crowell Robin Campbell
Bowen Family David Bedell
Clement Alan Crosman
Leaming/Hand Carol Hertensteiner
Reeves Chris Heaton
Whitaker Family History Allen A. Whitaker
Freas Family Al Freas
Bowen/Smith Eunice Krin
Weatherby Family Eugene Weatherby
Sheppard/Hewitt Doug Shepherd
Jarman Bill Smith
Elwell/Rolfe Michelle McClaskey
Whitaker/Newkirk/Murphy Loretta Toppe
String Nancy Sacco
Carll Sue Taktani
Whitaker Hal Amick
Whitaker Gloria Behrens
Fogg Bobby Dickerson
Sutton, Sheppard, Gibbon, Brown, Bacon Mary
Woodruff, Cloud, Turner, Brook, Cummins Nancy Sharpe
Haines/Carlile Jerry Tarvin





Always !  
If you would like your surnames added, please send me an email.

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