The Badstuber Family - from Württemberg to Ohio
Badstuber in old German handwriting The Badstuber Family: From Württemberg to Ohio

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Welcome to my Badstuber family pages.

This website is devoted and dedicated to the family and descendants of Frank Karl Badstuber and Maria Anna Knöpfler of southeastern Württemberg. Frank Karl Badstuber and four of his children emigrated to Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio in the latter nineteenth century, but his wife never left Germany.

Perhaps you found this site through a Google search, because you are a Badstuber descendant interested in your family history. My paternal grandmother was a Badstuber and I was always interested in the name. Only since beginning my family research did I discover that the Badstuber name is very rare in North America. Thus far, everyone with that surname is descended from or related by marriage to the Badstubers who settled in Ohio in the latter nineteenth century.

From late 2007 some time after I had first received my great-grandfather's birth certificate from the Standesamt in Kisslegg, Germany, I began to think more seriously about creating this web site for several reasons. I had gathered much information from a wide variety of sources, and now knew more than my own father ever knew about his mother's family and wanted some creative way to share it. Because of the possibility of combining text, pictures and documentation, creating my own web site seemed the best option.

Some information I discovered on the Internet about some members of the Badstuber family (especially my great-grandfather Frank Joseph Badstuber) was either inaccurate, incomplete, or incorrect (except for transcribed census records or other indexes). One Badstuber descendant [John Richard Smith of El Paso, Texas, now deceased], in a rush to get his genealogy finished, did some poor research and the erroneous data are still floating around such sites as One World Tree, Ancestry One Tree, and as I discovered most recently,

It is quite apparent that Mr. Smith never checked the U.S. Federal Census (for 1900 to 1930), never looked for obituaries or death notices, never checked vital records for Cleveland or Cuyahoga County. As a result, he confused his grandfather Frank X. Badstuber with my great-grandfather Frank J. Badstuber and this resulted in an absence of some members of the Badstuber family from their submissions (including my grandmother).

Please note:
All the information I present here comes from verifiable, credible, and documented sources and you will find sources listed at the bottom of each page. I do not consider GEDCOM files as proof, as do some amateur family historians. Information not found in a published or documented source will be declared as such. This includes any family stories or information about a person that is passed down and not currently verifiable through any source material. I will not give any names or information about currently living persons in order to protect their privacy.