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Welcome to our family!

This website is designed to show how the Powell and Owens families came together. Our roots are traced back through each generation describing a little family history along the way. This site covers four surnames Bailey, Owens, Powell, and Greer, with many collateral branches. I have taken these branches as far back as I am able at the moment. Some lines don't go back very far at all while others go back several hundreds of years.

Check out our Additional Resources to look through tombstone photographs and various family photographs. You can also search through our images of birth and death certificates as well as census records. Once a year, the Powell's have a family reunion in Alexander City, Alabama. Feel free to look through our family reunion pictures to see what a great time everyone has.

To get a full view of how many branches our family tree holds, check out our lineage tree. There I have put our entire tree tracing back hundreds of years. Within the tree you will be able to click on names to find out more about each family.

In tracing our family tree, I have come across several interesting tidbits and facts. Check out our family history to read stories and to see who we are famously related to.

I hope you enjoy our family genealogy website. Feel free to sign our guestbook and let us know how you liked our site. If you are related to our family and would like to add information, please contact us and let us know how you are related.

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