Children of Charles and Rosella

Children of Charles and Rosella


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    Orrie Adelbert born (1907) died (1908) (died of unspecified childhood malady.)

    Frances Idola born (12/15/1911) died (3/22/2001)

        1st Spouse(10/12/1931)

            John Neidlinger born (9/22/1901) died (11/13/1975)

            Children - see Neidlinger Family Limb for details

        2nd Spouse (?)

            Harrison (Harry) Daniels born (7/9/1913) died (7/23/2003)

    Harold Morrel born (12/10/1913) died (2/27/1970)(Major health problem - heart)

        1st Spouse(12/3/1936)

            Alma (Warner)  born (?) died (?)


        2nd Spouse (?)

            Francis (Brown) born (10/16/1921) died (10/25/2001)


    Clifford Lee born (4/22/1916) died (8/14/1997)


            Iva (Burk-Ballentine) born (7/5/1911) died (3/31/1993)

                1st Spouse (?)

                    (?) Ballentine born (?) died (?)




    Leroy (Roy) Emilus born P (3/2/1918) died (4/19/1992)

        Spouse (9/10/1939)

            Marjorie (Schlafer) P born (?) (Major health problem - Alzheimer's)


    Charles Lester born P (4/19/1921) died (1/8/1994)(Major health problem - heart, skin cancer)

        Spouse (7/27/1941)

            Doris Jean (Polley) born P (2/1/1924) died (1/9/1999)


    Verla Lucille born (12/4/1923) died (11/16/1997)

        1st Spouse (3/23/1941)

            William (Bill) Frewert born (12/31/1914) died (11/6/2006)

        Children -  see Frewert Family Limb for details         

        2nd Spouse(6/7/1952)

            Louis Perrella  born (7/30/1910) died (7/09/2000)

        Children _ see Perrella Family Limb for details

         Rose Marie born P (7/19/1930)


            Edward (Eddie) Zimmer P born (3/18/1923) died (10/12/2003)

        Children - see Zimmer Family Limb for details  


Harold's(56) first wife, Alma (Warner) and he had 2 children. Harold then married Francis(80) (Brown(e)) and they had 6 children. Harold was a veteran of service with the Army in World War II. They moved often around the central NY area, the last known location was West Winfield, NY. Harold mostly made a living as an automobile mechanic. Francis was a Gold Star Mother and lifelong member of the DAV, Auxiliary and a housewife.


Harold M. 1913 - 1970 & Francis E. (Brown(e))1921 - 2001

Leroy (74) married Marjorie (Schlafer) and they had 8 children. They lived on the road between Guilford, NY and East Guilford, NY. Leroy worked on his father-in-law's farm and later in construction, he was a member of the Guilford Rod & Gun Club and the Loyal order of the Moose, Lodge # 277. He and his wife often played for local dances, he played guitar and she the accordion and piano. Marjorie was a housewife.

    Located in East Guilford Cemetery East Guilford, NY. Way in the back close to the access road.

Leroy E. 1918 - 1992 & Marjorie J. (Schlafer) 1922 P- She is still with us.

Charles (73) married Doris (75) (Polley) and they had 6 children. They lived in Well's Bridge, Oneonta (several locations), West Davenport, and on the Brier Creek Rd. between Gilberstville, NY and Otego, NY before moving to the Pony Farm Rd., Oneonta where Charles had a Timber Harvesting operation and worked for other interests involved with the timber industry. Later they moved to a mobile home park off of the Mill Creek Rd. between Oneonta NY and Otego, NY. Doris was a housewife.

    Located in Greater Plains Cemetery, Oneonta, NY. In the west end and back along the bank.

Charles L. 1921 - 1994 & Doris J. (Polley) 1924 - 1999 P

(This space reserved for Clifford (81)) He married Iva (81) (Burk-Ballentine) and had 2 children along with raising 1 from Iva's first marriage and 1 adopted from his brother Harold. Clifford was a veteran of the Navy during WW II. They moved often as he made a living as a farm worker and grounds keeper.

Clifford L. 1916 - 1997 & Iva M. (Burk-Ballentine) 1911 - 1993